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32.6—November/December, 2019

Getting to Know Lizzie
by S. M. Hutchens

32.5—September/October, 2019

Healing East & West
The Orthodox Reality: Culture, Theology, and Ethics in the Modern World by Vigen Guroian by John G. Panagiotou

32.3—May/June, 2019

Glory Himself
C. S. Lewis on the Blessed Sacrament by Walter Hooper

31.6—November/December, 2018

Can We Hang Together?
Ecumenical Agreement on Religious Liberty Awaits Catholic Clarity by Korey D. Maas

31.4—July/August, 2018

The Names of the Christian

Labels & the Ecumenism of Discipleship

by James M. Kushiner

31.3—May/June, 2018

The Kuyperian Option
Cultural Engagement & Natural Law Ecumenism by J. Daryl Charles

28.4—July/Aug, 2015

Jewish Lewis Fans
on a Rabbi's Love for Mere Christianity by Clara Sarrocco

28.2—March/April, 2015

Facing God

on Divine Worship & the Natural Limits of Community

by David Mills

24.5—Sept/Oct, 2011

Northwoods Ecumenism
A Surprising Little Angle on Unity by Allan C. Carlson

24.5—Sept/Oct, 2011

Ecumenical Orthodoxy
Touchstone’s 25 Years of Common Witness by James M. Kushiner

24.5—Sept/Oct, 2011

The Suffering Church
Mere Christianity Is Fundamentally Cruciform by James M. Kushiner

23.2—March/April, 2010

But Are We Christians?
Ecumenical Bedfellows of the Manhattan Declaration by S. M. Hutchens

22.5—June, 2009

Our Fathers’ Religion

on Mere Christianity That Is Not Merely Mine

by S. M. Hutchens

21.5—June, 2008

The Shadow of Nestorius

An Alienated but Enduring Church After the Third Ecumenical Council

by William J. Tighe

19.6—July/August, 2006

New Roads from Rome
The Surprising & Unpredictable Pilgrimage of the New Ecumenism by Kenneth D. Whitehead

19.5—June, 2006

The Creed We Need

On the Picture of God We Draw with Words

by David Mills

19.4—May, 2006

Bottom of the Ninth Assembly
The Recent World Council of Churches Assembly & the End of the Ecumenical Movement by George Conger

19.4—May, 2006

Divine Light from Kings
Evangelical Ecumenism & the Gospel in the Story of Israel Divided by Peter J. Leithart

18.10—December, 2005

A Crucial Unity
The Grim Realities of Ecumenism Today by Raymond J. Keating

18.5—June, 2005

Primacy Time
The Primacy of the Bishop of Rome and the Ecumenical Dialogue
by Adriano Garuti, O.F.M. by Adam A. J. Deville

17.9—November, 2004

Right Alliances
on Our Ecumenical Touchstone by Robert P. George

17.9—November, 2004

Ecumenical Councils of War

The Virtue of War: Reclaiming the Classic Christian Traditions East and West

by David B. Hart

13.9—November, 2000

Full & Honest Ecumenism
by S. M. Hutchens

15.10—December, 2002

East Meets West in Rome
on an Ecumenical Experiment by Patrick Henry Reardon

13.1—January/February, 2000

Plausible Ecumenism
An Ecumenical Roundtable Discussion by James M. Kushiner

16.10—December, 2003

Ecumenical Exclusion

by David Mills

16.6—July/August, 2003

The Emergent Ecumenism
A Response to Robert P. George by Thomas C. Oden

16.6—July/August, 2003

The Cross & the Swastika
on Christianity & Anti-Semitism by Roberto Rivera

16.6—July/August, 2003

The Unity of Faith
Evangelicalism & "Mere Christianity" by Timothy George

15.5—June, 2002

Catholic Redeemer, Protestant Trinity
An Ecumenical Experiment in Education by Jeremy Lott

12.4—July/August, 1999

Still Nothing to Celebrate
Ecumenical Student Conference Includes “Pro-Gay” Themes by Mark Tooley

12.2—March/April, 1999

Are Ordinary Christians Ethical?
Socrates’ Ethical Dilemma & the Mere Christian by Graeme Hunter

11.3—May/June, 1998

Evangelical Catholics & Confessional Evangelicals
The Ecumenical Polarities of Lutheranism by Gene Edward Veith

9.2—Spring, 1996

The Ecumenical Orthodoxy of a Dominican
Scribe of the Kingdom: Essays on Theology and Culture by Aidan Nichols, O.P. by William M. Klimon

8.3—Summer, 1995

Nothing to Celebrate

A Report from an Ecumenical Student Conference

by Mark Tooley

2.2—Winter, 1988

Decalogue for Ecumenical Discipleship

A Call to Daily Commitment

by Donald Charles Lacy

2.1—Fall, 1987

Ecumenicity, Orthodoxy & the Christian Spirit
by Steven Faulkner

2.1—Fall, 1987

The Triune God

The Triune God: An Ecumenical Study by E. L. Mascall

by John Thompson

1.2—Winter, 1987

Foolishness to the Greeks
Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel and Western Culture by Lesslie Newbigin by John Thompson

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29.4—July/August 2016

Naked Truth

on Noticing That Modern Science Has Rendered Atheism Irrational by Harry Biltz

30.5—Sept/Oct 2017

The Age of Reformations

The Critical History Before, During & After Martin Luther by James Hitchcock

32.6—November/December 2019

Listening Up

Historical Truth, Beguiling Stories & Three Kinds of Hearers by Anthony Esolen

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