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The Death Rattle of a Tradition

35:4 — july/august 2022

The Death Rattle of a Tradition

Contemporary Catholic Thinking on the Question of War by Andrew Latham

Resistance Is Fertile

35:4 — july/august 2022

Resistance Is Fertile

Christian Fidelity vs. the Sterile Conformity of the State by Allan C. Carlson

The Sacred Cosmos

35:4 — july/august 2022

The Sacred Cosmos

The World of Matter & Spirit United in Praise of Its Creator by Jonathan R. Bryan

Tom Bombadil's Dominion

35:4 — july/august 2022

Tom Bombadil's Dominion

A Good Reason for the Appearance of Tolkien's Obvious Misfit by C. R. Wiley

The Francis Effect

35:4 — july/august 2022

The Francis Effect

The Failure & Confusions of a More Accommodating Faith by R. V. Young

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October 12, 2018

Pastoring Young Men into Manhood

—Hans Jacobse

October 13, 2016

The Gnostic Revival

How Should the Body of Christ Respond?

—Robert P. George

October 11, 2019

Christian Community as the World's Leaven

—Leah Libresco Sargeant

from the archives on imagination (21 articles)

11.5—September/October 1998

Speaking the Truths Only the Imagination May Grasp

An Essay on Myth & 'Real Life' by Stratford Caldecott

10.4—Fall 1997

Lessons from the Nursery

The Catholic Imagination Encounters Bambi by James L. Sauer

from the archives on family (86 articles)

31.5—September/October 2018

Errands into the Moral Wilderness

Forms of Christian Family Witness & Renewal by Allan C. Carlson

24.4—July/August 2011

Global Power Grab

The Cultural Marxists’ Strategic Assault on Religion, Life & Family by Patrick F. Fagan

32.1—January/February 2019

The Life of Sean

on Down Syndrome & the Lives That Matter by David F. Watson

current columns


by Anthony Esolen

on Christian hymns

35.4 — Jul/Aug 2022

Marching Together

35.3 — May/Jun 2022

The Shores Beyond

35.2 — Mar/Apr 2022

Our Love, Crucified

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From Heavenly Harmony

by Ken Myers

on classical music

35.4 — Jul/Aug 2022

Into His Marvelous Light

35.3 — May/Jun 2022

Beatific Hearing

35.2 — Mar/Apr 2022

Most Highly Favored Lady

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A Thousand Words

by Mary Elizabeth Podles

on works of Christian art

35.4 — Jul/Aug 2022

The Church of Santa Prisca

35.2 — Mar/Apr 2022

The Pantheon

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First Books

by Kathie Johnson

on books for children

35.3 — May/Jun 2022

China Fiction

35.1 — January/February 2022

Learning About China

34.5 — Sept/Oct 2021

Kindness & Gratitude

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Mortal Remains

by S. M. Hutchens

on theology and culture

35.3 — May/Jun 2022


35.2 — Mar/Apr 2022

The Spirit of Change

(See all)

As It Is Written . . .

by Patrick Henry Reardon

on the bible and theology

35.4 — Jul/Aug 2022

Truth Remembered

35.3 — May/Jun 2022

Twice as Good

35.2 — Mar/Apr 2022

Job & the High Priest

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past columns

Book Returns

by various authors

Touchstone looks back at recent "classics"

18.10 — December 2005

Ivan Illich's Deschooling Society

18.7 — September 2005

Harvey Cox's The Secular City

(See all)

The Leading Edge

by Phillip E. Johnson

on intelligent design & culture

25.2 — March/April 2012

Peace-Seeking Muslims

21.10 — December 2008

Creating a Stir

25.6 — Nov/Dec 2012

Persian Conversions

(See all)

Contours of Culture

by Ken Myers

on books & the spirit of the age

23.5 — September/October 2010

The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis

(See all)

The Matter at Hand

by Leon J. Podles

on events of the day

15.10 — December 2002

Cubist Scripture

16.1 — January/February 2003

Man Is a Wolf to Man

(See all)

Practical Christianity

by Thomas S. Buchanan

pondering the Christian life

11.4 — July/August 1998

On Well-Worn Doormats

14.1 — January/February 2001

With All Thy Soul

10.2 — Spring 1997

Truth or Consequences

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by various authors

Touchstone interviews with persons of interest

15.3 — April 2002

Shepherd Under Fire

An Interview with Bishop Bullen Dolli of Sudan

12.5 — September/October 1999

The Catholic Angler

An Interview with Thomas Howard

4.2 — Special Issue: The Bible 1991

Recovering the Spiritual Sense of the Scriptures

An Interview with Fr. Paul Quay, S.J.

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book reviews

32.4 — July/August, 2019

Novel Conversion
Evolution of Desire: A Life of René Girard by Cynthia L. Haven
A review by David K. Anderson

32.2 — March/April, 2019

Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings of C. S. Lewis by Donald T. Williams
A review by S. M. Hutchens

32.3 — May/June, 2019

Shame & Redemption
The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch: A Christian's Companion for the Study of Islam
A review by Casey Chalk

32.2 — March/April, 2019

The Aura of Science
Flight from the Absolute: Cynical Observations on the Postmodern West, Volume II by Paul Gosselin
A review by Louis Markos

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Thomas Cole's Falls of the Kaaterskill: by Mary Elizabeth Podles

Bad Books for Kids: A Guide to the World of Youth Literature & What You Can Do About It by David Mills

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The Ugly and the Good: Why We No Longer But Still Could Have Beautiful Things by Anthony Esolen

The Roaring Jesus: by Thomas S. Buchanan

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