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33.2—March/April, 2020

Enlightenment Cancelled
on How the Naturalists Refute Themselves by Engelbert Recktenwald

33.1—January/February, 2020

Phillip E. Johnson

by James M. Kushiner

31.4—July/August, 2018

Transgenderism: What the Biology Professor Must Say

by S. M. Hutchens

31.1—January/February, 2018

Intelligent Design & the University

by S. M. Hutchens

30.5—Sept/Oct, 2017

Discipled Science
The True Scientist Should Have No Conflict with the Christian Faith by Thomas S. Buchanan

30.3—May/June, 2017

Wonderments & Possibilia

An Invitation to Look Outside the Box of Materialism

by Stanley E. Anderson

30.1—Jan/Feb, 2017

But Is He Sure?
The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution by David Wootton by Graeme Hunter

29.4—July/August, 2016

Naked Truth

on Noticing That Modern Science Has Rendered Atheism Irrational

by Harry Biltz

28.2—March/April, 2015

The Icon of Materialism

Why Scientism's Cherished Progress Narrative Fails

by Jonathan Witt

27.1—Jan/Feb, 2014

A Science of Man
Treatise on Human Nature: The Complete Text (Summa Theologiae I, Questions 75–102)
by Thomas Aquinas, translated by Alfred J. Freddoso
by R. V. Young

26.2—Mar/Apr, 2013

Diabolical Science
The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions by David Berlinski by Matthew Dowling

26.2—Mar/Apr, 2013

Imperial Science
Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism by Alvin Plantinga by Louis Markos

25.5—Sept/Oct, 2012

Believe It or Not
The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions
by Karl W. Giberson
and Francis S. Collins
by Casey Luskin

25.5—Sept/Oct, 2012

Believe Free or Die

on Mathematical Certainty & the Liberty of Faith

by Patrick Henry Reardon

25.3—May/June, 2012

Life on Purpose
The Good Atheist: Living a Purpose-Filled Life Without God by Dan Barker

Surprised by Meaning: Science, Faith, and How We Make Sense of Things by Alister E. McGrath by Logan Paul Gage

24.6—Nov/Dec, 2011

Freed Science
by Phillip E. Johnson

24.4—July/August, 2011

The Pope & Intelligent Science
by Phillip E. Johnson

22.7—September/October, 2009

Science Fictions

on a Random Quantum Fluctuation

by Marilyn Prever

21.8—October, 2008

Title-Nining Hard Science
by Phillip E. Johnson

21.6—July/August, 2008

Obstructed View
Science’s Blind Spot: The Unseen Religion of Scientific Naturalism
by Cornelius G. Hunter by Terry Scambray

21.4—May, 2008

Science Futures
by Phillip E. Johnson

21.2—March, 2008

Science by Consensus
by Phillip E. Johnson

20.8—October, 2007

History Unhinged
Mysteries of the Middle Ages: The Rise of Feminism, Science, and Art from the Cults of Catholic Europe by Robert C. Cheeks

20.7—September, 2007

Science Club
Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design
by Thomas Woodward by Louis Markos

20.6—July/August, 2007

Cosmic Grandeur

A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature
by Benjamin Wiker and Johathan Witt

by Jay W. Richards

20.3—April, 2007

Misleading Edge
Intelligent Thought: Science Versus the Intelligent Design Movement edited by John Brockman by Anika Smith

19.10—December, 2006

Between Heaven & Earth
Science and Belief in the Nuclear Age
by Peter E. Hodgson
by Anne Barbeau Gardiner

19.3—April, 2006

From Soup To Science
by Phillip E. Johnson

19.2—March, 2006

Virtuous Science

by Wilfred M. McClay

18.7—September, 2005

Seances & Science
The Lessons of the Spiritualist Challenge to Darwinism by John Mark Reynolds

13.4—May, 2000

God’s Reasons

Science, Religion & the Right to Life

by Robert P. George

14.6—July/August, 2001

Engaging Science
The Wedge of Truth
by Phillip E. Johnson by David J. Tyler

15.4—May, 2002

Outside Darwin’s Box

on Surviving Obsolete Science

by W. Clayton Brumby

15.6—July/August, 2002

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
on God & Science by Thomas S. Buchanan

15.10—December, 2002

The Heirs of Galileo
on Evolution & Reasonable Science by Louis Markos

17.6—July/August, 2004

Darwin Under Fire
By Design by Larry Witham
Science and Evidence for
Design in the Universe
by Michael J. Behe, William A. Dembski, and Stephen C. Meyer
and 9 others
by James M. Kushiner

17.6—July/August, 2004

Science & Wisdom
A Sidebar in Edward Sisson's "Darwin or Lose" by David Mills

17.6—July/August, 2004

Reality & Reluctant Science

Old Science Confronts a Formidable Challenge in the Scientific ID Movement

by Jay W. Richards

16.10—December, 2003

Mothballed Science
by Phillip E. Johnson

17.2—March, 2004

Blinded by Science
The Sense of Being Stared At
by Rupert Sheldrake by Peter J. Leithart

16.7—September, 2003

Recovering Rational Science
Collective Electrodynamics
by Carver A. Mead by David Haddon

15.5—June, 2002

Virtual Evolution
on Media & the Nature of Science by Peter J. Leithart

12.4—July/August, 1999

The Regeneration of Science & Culture
The Cultural Implications of Scientific Materialism Versus Intelligent Design by John G. West

12.4—July/August, 1999

The Wedge

Breaking the Modernist Monopoly on Science

by Phillip E. Johnson

12.4—July/August, 1999

Getting God a Pass
Science, Theology, & the Consideration of Intelligent Design by John Mark Reynolds

12.4—July/August, 1999

The World as Text

Science, Letters & the Recovery of Meaning

by Patrick Henry Reardon

10.3—Summer, 1997

The Cult of the Holy Catholic Gene

The Human Genome & the New Religion of the Scientific Social Engineer

by Marion Montgomery

8.1—Winter, 1995

Science & the Christian Faith
Two Views by Phillip E. Johnson

7.4—Fall, 1994

Philosophy Disguised as Science

Darwin on Trial by Phillip Johnson

by Brian McDonald

6.4—Fall, 1993

Creation, Science and the New Gnosticism
by Austin L. Hughes

3.3—Fall, 1989

The Man for Whom the World was Made

by George L. Murphy

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22.4—May 2009

Take & Give

on Two Words That Describe the Workings of Love by Bruce Brander

20.7—September 2007

Retaking Mars Hill

Paul Didn’t Build Bridges to Popular Culture by Russell D. Moore

25.5—Sept/Oct 2012

Easy Burden

on the Blessings & Challenges of Homeschooling by Graeme Hunter

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