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Funding the Devil

On Irresponsible Nostalgia
by S. M. Hutchens

Mere Sexuality

Getting Sex Wrong Is a Foundational Error
by James M. Kushiner

Dealing with Trump

A Comfort Zone for Christians Remains Elusive
by James Hitchcock


Ivy League Advice Worth Repeating

by Robert P. George

A Pen for the Lord

by S. M. Hutchens

Intelligent Design & the University

by S. M. Hutchens

Transgressing Taboos

by James M. Kushiner


A Thousand Words

Leonardo's Madonna and Child with Saint Anne

by Mary Elizabeth Podles

Mortal Remains

Caspian, Solomon & Mr. Trump

by S. M. Hutchens


The First Blood

Victis sibi cognomina

by Anthony Esolen

As It Is Written...

The World of Paul's Mind

by Patrick Henry Reardon

First Books

American History III

by Kathie Johnson

From Heavenly Harmony

At Play in the House of the Lord

The Spiritual Qualities of Mozart

by Ken Myers

31.1—January/February 2018


In Defense of Prudery

The Wisdom of the Victorian Quest for Innocence
by David Sandifer

A Melodious Life

How Polyphony & the Cantus Firmus Can Illuminate Integrity
by Lauris C. Kaldjian

Defending the Defenseless

An Image of God by Sharon M. Leon
Beyond the Abortion Wars by Charles C. Camosy
Embryos Under the Microscope by Jane Maienschein
by Karl D. Stephan

Tailor-Made for Evil

Hiding Foul Things with Garments of Legal Fictions
by Joshua Hren

Glorified Occupations

Consumer Man versus Working Man: Thoughts on the Value of Work
by Hunter Baker

Model Marriage

An Appeal to the Churches Concerning Marriage Vows
by W. Ross Blackburn


Beggars Before Christ

Martin Bordelon on Taking the Measure of the Deserving & the Undeserving Poor

Vikings Under the Son

Timothy J. Burbery on Ragnarök, an Extreme Weather Event & the Paths to Conversion

The Tears of Jesus

Kevin Raedy on Augustine & Refusing to Grieve As Others Do

A Great Cloud of Moral Witness

James S. Spiegel on the Solid Historical Consensus Regarding Homosexual Practice

book reviews

Dynamic Duo

Reviews of Man Up! by Jeffrey Hemmer & Man of the House by C. R. Wiley
reviewed by S. M. Hutchens

Survival of the Thomist

Aquinas and Evolution: Why St. Thomas' Teaching on the Origins Is Incompatible with Evolutionary Theory by Michael Chaberek, O.P.
reviewed by D. Q. McInerny

A Novel Invitation

Joy by Georges Bernanos, tr. Louise Varèse
reviewed by Norm Klassen


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