articles by Graeme Hunter

30.4 — July/Aug 2017

One Eternal Summer
An Officer Meets More than a Gentleman

30.1 — Jan/Feb 2017

But Is He Sure?
The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution by David Wootton

29.6 — Nov/Dec 2016

That Big Idea
Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept by Brent Nongbri

29.6 — Nov/Dec 2016

The Man Behind the Arras
A Will to Believe: Shakespeare and Religion by David Scott Kastan

29.5 — Sept/Oct 2016

The Modern Project
Le règne de l'homme: Genèse et échec du projet moderne
by Rémi Brague

29.4 — July/August 2016

The Business of Faith

One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America by Kevin Kruse

29.2 — March/April 2016

Campus Lost
The Coup at Catholic University: The 1968 Revolution in American Catholic Education
by Peter M. Mitchell

29.1 — Jan/Feb 2016

Fidei Defensor
Knowledge and Christian Belief
by Alvin Plantinga

29.1 — Jan/Feb 2016

The City of No God
on the Most Challenging Thought Experiment of All Time

28.6 — Nov/Dec 2015

Natural Questions
God's Planet by Owen Gingerich

28.3 — May/June 2015

French Future Tense

Soumission by Michel Houellebecq

27.6 — Nov/Dec 2014

Post Mortem
Culture and the Death of God
by Terry Eagleton

27.5 — Sept/Oct 2014

The Light of Everyman

Benedict XVI's Regensburg Lecture, St. John's Proemium & Intercultural Understanding

27.3 — May/June 2014

Not Bunk
Why Study History? Reflecting on the Importance of the Past by John Fea

26.2 — Mar/Apr 2013

The End Is Clear
Death and Afterlife: A Theological Introduction by Terence Nichols

26.1 — Jan/Feb 2013

Shared Treasure
by David Lyle Jeffrey

25.5 — Sept/Oct 2012

Easy Burden

on the Blessings & Challenges of Homeschooling

25.1 — Jan/Feb 2012

Pieper’s Pearl

The Platonic Myths by Josef Pieper

24.3 — May/June 2011


The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism by Edward Feser

21.6 — July/August 2008

Pontifical Readings
The Legacy of John Paul II: An Evangelical Assessment
edited by Tim Perry

21.4 — May 2008

Continental Drift
God's Continent: Christianity, Islam and Europe's Religious Crisis by Philip Jenkins

21.2 — March 2008

Everyman’s Finale
October by Richard B. Wright

20.10 — December 2007

Shy of Retiring
on the Tensions Between Pensions & Treasures in Heaven

20.2 — March 2007

Faith of the Faithless
Why Sam Harris Can’t Stamp Out My Religion with His Own

19.8 — October 2006

Exit Window
Everyman by Philip Roth

19.6 — July/August 2006

Prime Removal
The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World
by Matthew Stewart

19.3 — April 2006

Death’s Dominion
on the Canadian Fear of the Grim Reaper

19.1 — January/February 2006

As If We Were to Be Immortal

on Death & Seven of the Last Words of Socrates

18.10 — December 2005

Dicey Theodicy
The Problem of Evil and the Problem of God
by D. Z. Phillips

18.10 — December 2005

Untenured Radical

18.7 — September 2005

Deep Charity

18.5 — June 2005

Truth in Toronto
on Papal Principles That Undermine Canadian Values

18.2 — March 2005

The Ties That Bend
Divorcing Marriage
edited by Daniel Cere
and Douglas Farrow

18.2 — March 2005

Long Shadows of Eden

On Conservatism as Vexation, Vanity & Near Impossibility

17.8 — October 2004

Hope of the Hopeless
on Tragedy & the Life of David Reimer

13.8 — October 2000

A Literary Tapestry

Literary Converts
by Joseph Pearce

14.1 — January/February 2001

A Boyhood Stolen
As Nature Made Him
by John Colapinto

14.3 — April 2001

My Latest Funeral
on Grave Entertainments

15.3 — April 2002

That Elusive Peak Experience

on Disappointing Worship & The Art of Preaching

15.4 — May 2002

Taming the Tempest

The Meaning of Classical Education

17.6 — July/August 2004

Dim Lights
on Elite Faith in Naturalism

16.2 — March 2003

A Rash of Posters
on Living in Disgrace

16.2 — March 2003

Good Without God?
The Art of Life
by John Kekes

16.4 — May 2003

The Courage to Be Christian
The Courage to Be Catholic
by George Weigel

16.5 — June 2003

A Fugue of Death
Kaddish for a Child Not Born
by Imre Kertesz

17.3 — April 2004

Boethius?s Complaint

Can the Christian Find Consolation Without Christ?

12.6 — November/December 1999

Atheism & Argument

The Attraction & Poverty of Disbelief

12.2 — March/April 1999

Are Ordinary Christians Ethical?
Socrates’ Ethical Dilemma & the Mere Christian

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