articles by Donald T. Williams

33.2 — March/April 2020

Largeness of Creed

33.2 — March/April 2020

Julian's Shadow

33.1 — January/February 2020

The Mark of Mark

33.1 — January/February 2020

The Heart of the Bible

33.1 — January/February 2020

Scriptural Clarity

32.5 — September/October 2019

The Second Iteration

32.4 — July/August 2019

To Spread His Glory

Four Theses on Christian Education

32.4 — July/August 2019

At the Right Hand

32.3 — May/June 2019

Ascended in Glory

32.2 — March/April 2019

Raised as Promised

31.6 — November/December 2018

Meaningful Truth

The Critical Role of Imagination in the Work of C. S. Lewis

31.6 — November/December 2018

The Seat of Jesus

31.5 — September/October 2018

Idol Threats

30.5 — Sept/Oct 2017

Apostolic Delivery

30.5 — Sept/Oct 2017

An Encouraging Book
How Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Saved Me

30.4 — July/Aug 2017

Backstage Diety

30.2 — March/April 2017

Sound Bites
Philosophy in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic by Douglas Groothuis

29.3 — May/June 2016

Printing Error
on Anscombe's Final Word on Lewis & Naturalism

27.6 — Nov/Dec 2014

Anselm & Aslan
C. S. Lewis & the Ontological Argument

26.6 — Nov/Dec 2013

The World of the Rings

on Why Peter Jackson Was Unable to Film Tolkien's Moral Tale

26.5 — Sept/Oct 2013

Hagia Sophia

on the Holy Wisdom at the Roots of Philosophy

26.2 — Mar/Apr 2013

Body of Evidence

on Liberal Klingons & the Hard Facts of Christian Faith

25.2 — March/April 2012

Wholly Grounded
on a Few Facts I Learned in the Holy Land

23.3 — May/June 2010

Identity Check

Are C. S. Lewis’s Critics Right, or Is His “Trilemma” Valid?

22.6 — July/August 2009

Durable Hymns
on Five Marks of Excellence That Could End the Worship Wars

21.7 — September 2008

Devil Talk

Milton’s Postmodern Satan & His Disciples

20.7 — September 2007

Writers Cramped
on Three Things Evangelical Authors Can Learn from Flannery O’Connor

19.1 — January/February 2006

Wardrobe Accessories
Further Up and Further In
by Bruce Edwards
Inside Narnia
by Devin Brown
A Reader's Guide
Through the Wardrobe
by Leland Ryken
and Marjorie Lamp Mead

18.6 — July/August 2005

Legal Evils
on What Thomas More Might Have Said About Schiavo's Judges

18.3 — April 2005

Lions of Succession

on Being a Free Narnian & the Joy of Subordination

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