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37.3—May/June, 2024

A Child̕s Garden

Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classic Stories Awaken a Child̕s Moral Imagination by Vigen Guroian

by Robin Phillips

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

Instruments of Grace

Flannery O'Connor & the Pantocrator

by Ralph C. Wood

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

Over to Europe

by Patrick Henry Reardon

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

But Deliver Us

by J. Douglas Johnson

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

Toil & Trouble

A Brief Account of the Occult at the End of Western Civilization

by Allan C. Carlson

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

Our Angelic Defenders

by Anthony Esolen

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

Eyes Fixed

Notes Towards Overcoming Our Spiritual Blindness

by Rod Dreher

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

Love’s Attributes, Part 2

by Kathie Johnson

36.5—Sept/Oct, 2023

False Triplets

by J. Douglas Johnson

33.2—March/April, 2020

The Fairy Tale Wars

Lewis, Chesterton, et al. Against the Frauds, Experts & Revisionists

by Vigen Guroian

31.6—November/December, 2018

Meaningful Truth

The Critical Role of Imagination in the Work of C. S. Lewis

by Donald T. Williams

31.2—March/April, 2018

Watchful Dragons

Neil Gaiman’s Brush with Narnia Lingers

by Russell D. Moore

30.4—July/Aug, 2017

Altering All Things

Despair, Imagination & the Re-enchantment of the World

by Michial Farmer

29.4—July/August, 2016

God's Gift of Metaphor

on George MacDonald & the Christian Imagination

by Josh Mayo

26.4—July/August, 2013

Euripides' Beatific Vision

An Ancient Greek Drama Awakened a Powerful New Longing in Its Audiences

by James Ware

26.4—July/August, 2013

Amos into Scripture

by Patrick Henry Reardon

26.3—May/June, 2013

The Man Who Was Doodling

on G. K. Chesterton & the Art of Casual Sketching

by Dan DeWitt

26.3—May/June, 2013

Our Quiet Lord

Pentecost and the Voice on the Mountain: The Silence of Holiness

by Anthony Esolen

26.3—May/June, 2013

Paul's Apology

by Patrick Henry Reardon

26.3—May/June, 2013

The Lost Sense of Learning

Poetic Knowledge: The Recovery of Education by James S. Taylor

by Ken Myers

26.3—May/June, 2013

The Logos of Beauty

on the Eyes of the Heart & the Glory of God

by Steve Baarendse

23.2—March/April, 2010

England Sings

Singing and the Imagination of Devotion: Vocal Aesthetics in Early English Protestant Culture by Susan Tara Brown

by Lucy E. Carroll

22.7—September/October, 2009

Education Normal

on the Oddity of Giving Children a Moral Imagination

by Mark T. Mitchell

19.10—December, 2006

The French Invention

The Conversion of Imagination
by Matthew W. Maguire

by Peter J. Leithart

19.10—December, 2006

Enchanting Children

Training Up a Child Requires a Well-Formed Imagination

by David Mills

19.6—July/August, 2006

Our Faith Observed

The Three-Fold Cord of Imagination, Reason & Will in C. S. Lewis

by Michael Ward

18.4—May, 2005

Of Weeds & Fairy Tales

The Idylls, Idols & Devils That Corrupt the Moral Imagination

by Vigen Guroian

13.4—May, 2000

A Student’s Garden of Terrors

on Fearing Rightly

by David M. Whalen

13.10—December, 2000

The Humble Artist

The Christian Imagination: G. K. Chesterton on the Arts by Thomas Peters

by Eric Scheske

14.4—May, 2001

The Winged Man

by Thomas S. Buchanan

14.4—May, 2001

Andrew, the First-Called

by Patrick Henry Reardon

15.9—November, 2002

Imagination & the Health of the Soul

Imagination and the Arts
in C. S. Lewis
by Peter J. Schakel

by Dale Nelson

17.1—January/February, 2004

Between Icon & Idol

Harry Potter & Imagination's Symbolic Life

by S. M. Hutchens

11.5—September/October, 1998

Speaking the Truths Only the Imagination May Grasp

An Essay on Myth & 'Real Life'

by Stratford Caldecott

11.3—May/June, 1998

Sentiments Abstractly Christian

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, and the Catholic Imagination

by Addison H. Hart

10.4—Fall, 1997

Lessons from the Nursery

The Catholic Imagination Encounters Bambi

by James L. Sauer

10.3—Summer, 1997

Cloning & the Moral Imagination

by A. J. Conyers

9.3—Summer, 1996

Brideshead Revisited Revisited

Moral Imagination & the Catholic Faith in Evelyn Waugh’s Modern Novel

by Thomas Howard

4.4—Fall, 1991

Samuel Johnson on The Runaway Imagination

by Wayne Martindale

4.3—Summer, 1991

Lessons From The Nursery

The Catholic Imagination Encounters Bambi

by James L. Sauer

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32.2—March/April 2019

The Boy Genius

Finding Him Again Through the Patriarchal Group by Anthony Esolen

32.4—July/August 2019

An Alien Warfare

Today's Culture Wars Are Both Ancient & Modern by Allan C. Carlson

36.1—Jan/Feb 2023

Contraceptive Cons

A History of the Protestant Debate over Contraception by James A. Altena

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