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The Only Lord We Know

On the Confession of the One True God
by James M. Kushiner


From Heavenly Harmony

Made Clean by His Body

by Ken Myers

Mortal Remains

Mere Christianity Must Go

by S. M. Hutchens

First Books

Southern Settings

by Kathie Johnson


Loving Sacrifice

by Anthony Esolen

As It Is Written...

The Paschal Lamb of God

by Patrick Henry Reardon

A Thousand Words

Ara Pacis Augustae

by Mary Elizabeth Podles

29.2—March/April 2016


Family Phases

The History of Family Strength in America May Reveal Good News
by Allan C. Carlson

Truth for Youth

Newman's Insight into the Predicament of Youth Today
by John Nicholas Blaha

The Signs of Silence

Many Have Glimpsed a Mystery in the Quiet Intervals
by Steven Faulkner

Going Public

The Reasonable Role of Religious Faith in Law & Society
by Stephen J. Heaney


Emancipated Surf

Rebekah Curtis on the Unintended Consequences of First-Wave Feminism

Weather or Not

Raymond J. Brown on Christian Stewardship & Climate Change

Attack Modes

Alexander F. C. Webster on An Unexpected & Refreshing Lesson in Ethics

The Little Jesus Who Would

Robert Hart on Cutting Christ Down to One Size Fits Whatever We Want

Sound Theology

Stephen H. Webb on the Primacy of the Word Made Auditory

book reviews

Campus Lost

The Coup at Catholic University: The 1968 Revolution in American Catholic Education
by Peter M. Mitchell
reviewed by Graeme Hunter

The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America

by Arthur C. Brooks
reviewed by John Murdock

Guides to the Perplexing

The Memoirs of Louis Bouyer
J. Pepino, trans.
Louis Bouyer: Memoirs
J. E. Nash, trans. and annot.
reviewed by S. M. Hutchens

Murderers' Row: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

by Ray Keating
reviewed by Raymond J. Brown

Chronicling Lilith

The End of Men and the Rise of Women
by Hanna Rosin
reviewed by Harriet Murphy


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