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33.2—March/April, 2020

Enlightenment Cancelled

on How the Naturalists Refute Themselves

by Engelbert Recktenwald

32.6—November/December, 2019

Dinner with Darwin

by S. M. Hutchens

32.2—March/April, 2019

The Aura of Science

Flight from the Absolute: Cynical Observations on the Postmodern West, Volume II by Paul Gosselin

by Louis Markos

31.1—January/February, 2018

Survival of the Thomist

Aquinas and Evolution: Why St. Thomas' Teaching on the Origins Is Incompatible with Evolutionary Theory by Michael Chaberek, O.P.

by D. Q. McInerny

30.6—Nov/Dec, 2017

The Central Lie

C. S. Lewis: Anti-Darwinist: A Careful Examination of the Development of His Views on Darwinism by Jerry Bergman

by Louis Markos

26.3—May/June, 2013

A Doubting Thomas

by Phillip E. Johnson

23.6—November/December, 2010

Darwin, Design & Thomas Aquinas

The Mythical Conflict Between Thomism & Intelligent Design

by Logan Paul Gage

23.2—March/April, 2010

Life’s Furor

Hitler's Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress by Richard Weikart

by Joe Keysor

22.8—November/December, 2009

A Better Selection

Alfred Russel Wallace’s Theory Of Intelligent Evolution
by Michael Flannery

by Denyse O'Leary

22.8—November/December, 2009

The Origin of Aesthetics

Looking for Beauty & Justice 150 Years After Darwin’s Classic

by Charles Taliaferro

22.8—November/December, 2009

Charles Darwin, M.D.

on the Healing Arts as an Accessory to Evolution

by Patrick C. Beeman

22.6—July/August, 2009

Samurai Bioethics

on a Noble Defense Doomed by Darwinian Materialism

by John G. West

21.3—April, 2008

Atheist Antithesis

Innate Religious Beliefs Are Evidence of God, Not of Evolution

by Logan Paul Gage

20.7—September, 2007

Science Club

Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design
by Thomas Woodward

by Louis Markos

20.3—April, 2007

Misleading Edge

Intelligent Thought: Science Versus the Intelligent Design Movement edited by John Brockman

by Anika Smith

19.7—September, 2006

The Wild Man

on Why Gorillas Don’t Build Libraries But Men Do

by William K. Kilpatrick

19.5—June, 2006

Darwin’s Divisions

The Pope, the Cardinal, the Jesuit & the Evolving Debate About Origins

by Martin Hilbert

18.7—September, 2005

Darwin Takes the Fifth

What Really Happened at the Kansas Evolution Hearings

by Edward Sisson

18.7—September, 2005

Seances & Science

The Lessons of the Spiritualist Challenge to Darwinism

by John Mark Reynolds

13.5—June, 2000

Darwinism & the Liberal Cause

by James Hitchcock

14.1—January/February, 2001

Debating Design

The Concordia Conference on Intelligent Design

by Patrick Henry Reardon

14.8—October, 2001

The Evolving Debate over Origins

B. B. Warfield: Evolution,
Science and Scripture,
Selected Writings
edited by Mark A. Noll and
David N. Livingstone

by Jay W. Richards

15.10—December, 2002

The Heirs of Galileo

on Evolution & Reasonable Science

by Louis Markos

17.6—July/August, 2004

Science & Wisdom

A Sidebar in Edward Sisson's "Darwin or Lose"

by David Mills

17.6—July/August, 2004


Darwinism & the Rise of German Eugenics

by Richard Weikart

17.6—July/August, 2004

Darwin or Lose

Evolution's Defense Attorneys Are Intent on Winning--Even If They're Wrong

by Edward Sisson

17.6—July/August, 2004

The Measure of Design

An conversation with William A. Dembski, Phillip E. Johnson, Jed Macosko, Paul Nelson, Edward Sisson, Richard Weikart, and Jonathan Witt About the Past, Present & Future of Darwinism & Design

by James M. Kushiner

17.5—June, 2004

Of Pandas & Men

on Darwinisn & Why We Let the Pandas Live

by Roberto Rivera

12.4—July/August, 1999

Getting God a Pass

Science, Theology, & the Consideration of Intelligent Design

by John Mark Reynolds

12.4—July/August, 1999

Signs of Intelligence

A Primer on the Discernment of Intelligent Design

by William A. Dembski

12.4—July/August, 1999

Proud Obstacles & a Reasonable Hope

The Apologetic Value of Intelligent Design

by Jay W. Richards

7.4—Fall, 1994

Philosophy Disguised as Science

Darwin on Trial by Phillip Johnson

by Brian McDonald


The Cambrian Explosion

The Fossil Record & Intelligent Design

by Robert F. DeHaan

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33.2—March/April 2020

Glory to Be Revealed

on How Bodily Resurrection Informs Social Justice by W. Ross Blackburn

18.3—April 2005

Book Worms

on Textbook Publishers Who Lie About Islam by Terry Graves

32.2—March/April 2019

What Gives?

on Properly Rendering Things to Caesar & to God by Peter J. Leithart

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