Re: Capitulation
Tony Campolo's Turmoil over Homosexual "Marriage"
by S. M. Hutchens

Equal & Ordered

Affirming Both Truths In & Out of Season
by S. M. Hutchens


Mortal Remains
Alpha Academics
by S. M. Hutchens

From Heavenly Harmony
Schütz: Baroque Before Bach
by Ken Myers

To Hear the Bridegroom's Voice
by Anthony Esolen

A Thousand Words
Madonna di Ca' Pesaro by Titian
by Mary Elizabeth Podles

As It Is Written...
by Patrick Henry Reardon


The Gospel Out of Egypt

Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church

by James M. Kushiner

28.5—Sept/Oct 2015


The Hobbit Redemption

Christian Heroism & Humility in the Work of J. R. R. Tolkien
by Geoffrey M. Vaughan & Jennifer Vaughan

Cambodia's Anti-Exodus

Remembering Angka & the Idolatry of the Khmer Rouge 40 Years Later
by Les Sillars

Scandals, Sandals & Biblical Epics
The Dramatic Life, Faith & Films of Cecil B. DeMille
by Regis Nicoll


Divine Collections
Louis Markos on the Transformative Power of Mere Hobbies

Who's Your Teacher?

Marcus Johnson on Our Sacred Duty to Teach the Devil to Death

Just You Wait

Nathanael Devlin on the Indispensability of Not Being in Such a Hurry

Book Reviews

Odium Generis Humani
The War on Humans
by Wesley J. Smith

A review by Richard Weikart

Sisterly Wisdom
LadyLike: Living Biblically
by Rebekah Curtis & Rose Adle

A review by Cheryl Magness


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