Reversing the Charges

by S. M. Hutchens

Knockoff Religion

by David Mills


The Measure of Design

An conversation with William A. Dembski, Phillip E. Johnson, Jed Macosko, Paul Nelson, Edward Sisson, Richard Weikart, and Jonathan Witt About the Past, Present & Future of Darwinism & Design
by James M. Kushiner


Jihad & Genocide

Sudan’s Islamic Government & Its Christian Citizens
by Faith McDonnell


The Leading Edge

Taking the Cake

by Phillip E. Johnson

As It Is Written...

Covenant & Remembrance

by Patrick Henry Reardon

17.6—July/August 2004


Reality & Reluctant Science

Old Science Confronts a Formidable Challenge in the Scientific ID Movement
by Jay W. Richards

Winning by Design

How ID Advocates Can Effectively Respond to the Growing Backlash
by William A. Dembski


Darwinism & the Rise of German Eugenics
by Richard Weikart

The Gods Must Be Tidy!

Is the Cosmos a Work of Poor Engineering or the Gift of an Artistic Designer?
by Jonathan Witt

Darwin or Lose

Evolution's Defense Attorneys Are Intent on Winning--Even If They're Wrong
by Edward Sisson

Science & Wisdom

A Sidebar in Edward Sisson's "Darwin or Lose"
by David Mills

Pi in the Sky

A Sidebar in Jonathan Witt's "The Gods Must Be Tidy"
by Anthony Esolen


I Believe Not

Carson Holloway on the Unreasonable Faith of Skeptics

Dim Lights

Graeme Hunter on Elite Faith in Naturalism

Reading the Stars

David Mills on a Father Who Makes a Cosmos for His Children

Bad Books for Kids

Russell D. Moore on a Book That Says More Than It Intends

The Real News from Lake Wobegon

Peter J. Leithart on Charity, Conversation & Celebration

book reviews

Darwin Under Fire

By Design by Larry Witham
Science and Evidence for
Design in the Universe
by Michael J. Behe, William A. Dembski, and Stephen C. Meyer
and 9 others
reviewed by James M. Kushiner


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