Hope in Haiti?

An Interview with Jean Bertrand Aristide
by Michael F. Gallo


3.3—Fall 1989


Creator of Heaven & Earth

by Richard S. Hess

To H*L with Mencken

by James L. Sauer

“Fears May Be Liars”

by Steven Faulkner

The Church in Burma

Twenty-Five Years of Isolation
by Maung Maung

The Man for Whom the World was Made

by George L. Murphy

Francis Schaeffer’s Double-Edged Ethic

by Peggy J. Haslar

Shusaku Endo and Scandal

Recent Catholic Literature from Japan by Kristopher H. Kowal
by Kristopher H. Kowal

Plight of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

by Andriy Chirovsky


book reviews

The Bible & Birth Control

The Bible and Birth Control by Charles D. Provan
reviewed by Scott Hahn


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