From the Editor by James M. Kushiner


From the Editor

by James M. Kushiner

From its inception, Touchstone has been financially supported by friends and donors. In 1990, we received our first grant through the help of Russell Kirk. Friends pitched in, and I invited them to become monthly supporters to help sustain the magazine, then only a quarterly. They did, and not much later we began sending out a quarterly appeal letter to subscribers. We still do. Without the many resulting small and large and sacrificial gifts, we would not
be here today, thirty years later.

Touchstone's circulation grew by word of mouth and by direct mail, which remains the lifeblood for growth in our kind of publishing work (subscriptions climb or fall the moment direct mail is turned on or turned off).

This is a charitable publishing ministry for the sake of the Church. We look to God for guidance and help, and also to donors and friends for prayers, encouragement, and support. Gratitude is in order. For all our donors, from the very beginning, we remain grateful.

Touchstone will be published for as long as Christian truth needs to be set forth by mere Christians together for the sake of the Body of Christ, and it will be circulated as widely as we have the resources to promote it. You can help the cause with your financial support, or by giving a gift subscription, or by promoting it with free samples to friends at your church or school. For details, check out our website,, or write to us at P.O. Box 410788, Chicago, IL 60641, or call us at 773-481-1090.

I welcome your comments and ideas, and your prayers. Drop me a note at I am grateful to more friends than I can enumerate for their encouragement and support over the past thirty years.

James M. Kushiner is the Executive Editor of Touchstone.