Creed & Culture II

A Touchstone Reader: 1998–2011

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Launched in 1986, Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, has become a highly-respected forum for Protestant, Catholic, and orthodox Christians. it was founded to provide a place where Christians of various backgrounds can speak on the basis of shared beliefs in the fundamental doctrines of the faith as revealed in holy scripture and summarized in the ancient creeds of the Church.

To the confusion of voices in the world on matters of order in religious, social, and cultural life, Touchstone speaks with a unified voice of that which, manifest in creation and divine revelation, flows from the life of God himself.

This collection of eighteen articles published in Touchstone between 1998 and 2011 is our second anthology. The first anthology of Touchstone essays, Creed & Culture: A touchstone Reader, was published in 2003 by ISI Books, an imprint of the intercollegiate studies institute, Wilmington, delaware, and is available from the Fellowship of St. James (

— Articles —

Prayer & the Work of God

Reflections on the Daily Office & the Prayer of the Heart
by Robert Louis Wilken

The Fairy-Tale God

Truth & Deceit in Children’s Fiction
by S. M. Hutchens

Disinheriting the Wind

A Closer Look at the Scopes Trial
by Robert P. George

Missing Fathers of the Church

The Feminization of the Church & the Need for Christian Fatherhood
by Leon J. Podles

A Cardinal Virtue Quartet

The Four Fundamental Characteristics of a Virtuous Person
by Thomas S. Buchanan

Mastery’s Shadow

Modern Medicine & the Human Soul
by Wilfred M. McClay

Things Hidden Since the Beginning of the World

The Shape of Divine Providence & Human History
by James Hitchcock

The Godless Party

Media Bias & Blindness—And the Big Story They Missed
by Rod Dreher

Calculating Christmas

The Story Behind December 25
by William J. Tighe

The Gods Must Be Tidy!

Is the Cosmos a Work of Poor Engineering or the Gift of an Artistic Designer?
by Jonathan Witt

A Requiem for Friendship

Why Boys Will Not Be Boys & Other Consequences of the Sexual Revolution
by Anthony Esolen

The Agony of Gethsemane

On the Meaning of Christ’s Prayer & His Obedience in the Garden
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Terror & the Last Enemy

A 9/11 Pilgrimage & the Way of the Cross
by James M. Kushiner

Children of the Reformation

A Short & Surprising History of Protestantism & Contraception
by Allan Carlson

Above Every Name

On the Formalities That Teach Us Reverence
by Russell D. Moore

Bad Books for Kids

A Guide to the World of Youth Literature & What You Can Do About It
by David Mills

The Audacity of the State

It’s Bent on Bringing Down the House on the Family & the Church
by Douglas Farrow

The Romance of Domesticity

Marriage Thrives in Reality, Not in Our Dreams
by Nathan Schlueter

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Creed & Culture II

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