Stop the Cloning

by William L. Saunders


Vietnam Protest

Is There Really Religious Liberty in Communist Vietnam?
by Mark Tooley


The Leading Edge

Scouts & God

by Phillip E. Johnson

The Matter At Hand

The Envy of the Devil & the Glory of God

by Leon J. Podles

As It Is Written...

Lenten Repentance

by Patrick Henry Reardon

Practical Christianity

Unmoored Sticks

by Thomas S. Buchanan

16.2—March 2003


The Apostolic Epic

The Aeneid & the Acts of the Apostles
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Swedes Adrift

The Plight of Conservatives in the Church of Sweden
by William J. Tighe


Lessons & Carols

Rod Dreher on Finding Hope in Difficult Times

Speaking of Enemies

David Mills on Good Men & Bad Opinions

Neanderthals Aren’t Cool

Kevin Offner on the “Gender Issue”

A Rash of Posters

Graeme Hunter on Living in Disgrace

The Canterbury Trial

Gerald Bray on Rowan Williams & Evangelicals

book reviews

Indeterminate Historian

At the End of an Age
by John Lukacs
reviewed by Jay W. Richards

Good Without God?

The Art of Life
by John Kekes
reviewed by Graeme Hunter


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