He Did Become Man

by Patrick Henry Reardon

Taking the Creed Personally

by David Mills

Reply to David Mills

by Louis R. Tarsitano


Practical Christianity

Men of Violence

by Thomas S. Buchanan

9.4—Fall 1996


Did the Pope Bless Darwin?

A Sidebar in John Mark Reynolds’s “Afraid of Reason”
by Terry Mattingly

A Sin Which Can Be Forgiven

Toward a Biblical Perspective on Divorce and Remarriage in the Churches Today
by Peter Toon

The Prayer of the Publican

A Simple Parable Shows Us the Heart of the Gospel
by Patrick Henry Reardon

LatCons Revisited

Further Thoughts on Latitudinarian Conservatism
by David Mills

Afraid of Reason

Has Scientism Become Obscurantism?
by John Mark Reynolds

Oh, For Some Saints

A Sidebar in David Mills’s “LatCons Revisited”
by John Thompson


Which God?

S. M. Hutchens on the First Commandment

Liturgical Revival?

Gillis J. Harp on Two Evangelical Approaches with the Same Mistake

book reviews

Ecumenical Bioethics

Bioethics: A Christian Primer by Gilbert Meilaender
reviewed by Allyne Smith


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