Churches for Youth

by James M. Kushiner

Churches for Families

by S. M. Hutchens


Practical Christianity
Holy Fire
by Thomas S. Buchanan

10.1—Winter 1997


Christ & Culture: A Dilemma Reconsidered

A New Look at Culture, Christians & the State
by James Hitchcock

A Bridge or an Abyss?
The Debate over the Family in the American Political “Village”
by Vigen Guroian

An Everlasting Life
Remembering Mary Denise Sauer July 12, 1995—August 26, 1995
by James L. Sauer


Idols Old & New
S. M. Hutchens on the Second Commandment

Redeeming the Time
by Frederica Mathewes-Green

book reviews

Quo Vadis, Domina?
God or Goddess? Feminist Theology: What Is It? Where Does It Lead?
A review by Stephen Clark


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Watchful Dragons: Neil Gaiman's Brush with Narnia Lingers by Russell D. Moore

The Truth About Men & Church: Robbie Low on the Importance of Fathers to Churchgoing

Sanger's Victory: How Planned Parenthood's Founder Played the Christians—and Won by Allan Carlson

The Abusive Society: The Far Country of Sexual Rebellion by James M. Kushiner & James Hitchcock

The Genuine Preacher: What All Clergy Can Learn from Billy Graham by Robert Hart


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