Let’s Stop Ordaining Politicians

by James M. Kushiner


Church Fires Conspiracy: Caught Red-Handed?

by Michael F. Gallo


Practical Christianity

Listening for the Right Frequency

by Thomas S. Buchanan

9.3—Summer 1996


Stuck in the Sixties

An Excerpt from The Empty Church: The Suicide of Liberal Christianity
by Thomas C. Reeves

Brideshead Revisited Revisited

Moral Imagination & the Catholic Faith in Evelyn Waugh’s Modern Novel
by Thomas Howard

Embers of Truth

The Struggle for Faith in Chesterton’s “The Ballad of the White Horse” and Eliot’s “Ash Wednesday”
by Adam Schwartz


A Reply to S. M. Hutchens’s “Abreast of the Times”

W. Bingham Hunter

Staying with the Lemmings

S. M. Hutchens

Are Values the Same as Virtues?

Peter Toon

book reviews

A Deeply Protestant Lewis?

A Challenge to C. S. Lewis By Peter Milward, S.J.
reviewed by Adam Schwartz


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