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Ashamed of the Gospel?

The End of Comfortable Christianity
by Robert P. George



Transfigure or Die Trying

by Alexander F. C. Webster

Mortal Remains

But Is It Interesting?

by S. M. Hutchens

From Heavenly Harmony

Mendelssohn, Memory & Melody

by Ken Myers


Muddled Hymns

by Anthony Esolen

A Thousand Words

Portico de la Gloria by Master Mateo

by Mary Elizabeth Podles

As It Is Written...

Lord of Heaven & Earth

by Patrick Henry Reardon

28.3—May/June 2015


No Country for Young Children

What Kind of Society Can Countenance Such Evil?
by Anthony Esolen

The Spy Who Turned Witness

Whittaker Chambers's Lonely War Against Godless Collectivism
by Hunter Baker

Of Bicycles, Sex, & Natural Law

Describing Human Ends & Our Limitations Is Neither Futile Nor Unloving
by R. V. Young


Deep Convictions

Robert Hart on the Formation of Conscience for Good or Ill

Spirited Hearts

Stephen Muse on Why Men Without Chests Are Not Free & Do Not Love

Dumb Sheep

James S. Spiegel on the Truth About a Slanderous Accusation

Beyond Words

David Warren on Giving & Getting Attention in the Religious Classroom

book reviews

The Other Americas

The Rebirth of Latin American Christianity by Todd Hartch
A review by Leon J. Podles

French Future Tense

Soumission by Michel Houellebecq
reviewed by Graeme Hunter

An Engaged Woman

Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More— Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist by Karen Swallow Prior
A review by Joseph Stuchal

The Moral Physician

Practicing Medicine and Ethics: Integrating Wisdom, Conscience, and Goals of Care by Lauris Christopher Kaldjian
A review by Christopher Tollefsen


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