Jesus Saves

Why Touchstone Is Still Christian After All These Years
by Russell D. Moore

Ducking the Issue

Phil Robertson's Problem Is Ours
by S. M. Hutchens


Mortal Remains

The Transcendental Canon

by S. M. Hutchens

A Thousand Words

Ecce Homo by Tiziano Vecellio (Titian)

by Mary Elizabeth Podles

Contours of Culture

Melodious Order

Calvin Stapert's A New Song for an Old World: Musical Thought in the Early Church

by Ken Myers

First Books

Too Much, Too Soon

by Kathie Johnson


An Easter Trinity

by Anthony Esolen

As It Is Written...

The Paschal Comedy

by Patrick Henry Reardon

27.2—March/April 2014


Heaven, Hell & Christ On Ice

What I Encountered During a Geological Expedition in Greenland
by Allan C. Carlson

Cormac McCarthy & the Ironwork Elm

The Dark Novels of an Enigmatic Writer Show Signs of Embedded Grace
by Steven Faulkner

Poetry Above Compulsion

Higher Education Should Advance the Glorious Liberty of the Sons of God
by Anthony Esolen


Easter Field

S. M. Hutchens on an Old Cemetery Opening Soon

The Rights of Aphrodite

W. E. Knickerbocker on C. S. Lewis & the New State Paganism

The Chosen Book

Patrick Henry Reardon on Reading the Hebrew Bible as Philosophy

Our Final Draft

Joshua Schulz on the Revisionist Narrative of Christian Hope

book reviews

Holy Space

The Church Building as a Sacred Place: Beauty, Transcendence, and the Eternal
by Duncan G. Stroik
reviewed by Matthew G. Alderman

The Ineffable

Hallowed Be Thy Name: The Name-Glorifying Dispute in the Russian Orthodox Church and on Mt. Athos, 1912-1914
by Tom Dykstra
reviewed by John Granger


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