From the November/December, 1998 issue of Touchstone
Three on Weaver by Patrick Henry Reardon

Three on Weaver

Richard M. Weaver, 1910–1963: A Life of the Mind
by Fred Douglas Young
Columbia and London: University of Missouri Press, 1995
(217 pages; $39.95, cloth)

The Vision of Richard Weaver
edited by Joseph Scotchie
New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 1995
(239 pages; $39.95, cloth)

Barbarians in the Saddle: An Intellectual Biography of Richard M. Weaver
by Joseph Scotchie
New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 1997
(161 pages; $29.95, cloth)

reviewed by Patrick Henry Reardon

Although there are dozens of published articles and reviews examining the life and thought of Richard Weaver, the three works her . . .

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