Baylor’s Bastard Child

by James M. Kushiner

The Meaning of Conservative

by David Mills


The Leading Edge
Bill Clinton Was Right! (About the Human Genome)
by Phillip E. Johnson

As It Is Written...
Andrew, the First-Called
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Practical Christianity
The Winged Man
by Thomas S. Buchanan


Latvia Revived

Archbishop Janis Vanags on Finding & Keeping the Faith in Post-Soviet Latvia

by Janis Vanags

Few Signs of Intelligence
The Saga of Bill Dembski at Baylor
by Angus J. L. Menuge

14.4—May 2001


The Divine Encounter
The Ways We Find Faith: Intellect, Need & Interaction
by Diogenes Allen

Teach Me, O Lord!

The Demise & Recovery of Teaching in a Sentimental Age
by Alan Morrison


Barbies & Babies
David Mills on Abortion in the Real World

History Free & Clear

Patrick Henry Reardon on the Errors of Determinism

A Rite for the Uncommitted
Samuel Pascoe on “Shacking Up”

Book Reviews

A Glorious Revival of History
From Dawn to Decadence
by Jacques Barzun
A review by Gerald J. Russello

Metaphysical Music
The Music of Silence
by John Tavener
A review by Dale Nelson

Romanian Shepherd
Shepherd of Souls
by Archimandrite Ioannichie Balan
The Truth of Our Faith
by Elder Cleopa of Romania
A review by Patrick Henry Reardon


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