A Metaphysical Prophet

by Patrick Henry Reardon


Practical Christianity

Rediscovering Advent

by Thomas S. Buchanan

Berserker in the Cathedral
Gay “Art” Exhibition in Swedish Lutheran Cathedral Provokes Uproar in Press & Recriminations Between Churches
by William J. Tighe

The Summer of Our Discontent
The Churches on Homosexuality
by David Kyle Foster

11.6—November/December 1998


Metaphysical Man

Philosophy, Language & Richard Weaver
by Patrick Henry Reardon

A Man of Vision

Richard Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences Fifty Years Later
by Robert A. Preston

Beyond Walden Pond

Illusion & Reality in Pursuit of the Simple Life
by A. J. Conyers

Christianity & Subjective Human Rights

On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
by Peter Toon


Adultery & the Death of Covenant

S. M. Hutchens on the Seventh Commandment

The Demise of the World’s Greatest Mission Agency

Mark Tooley on Mainline Decay

Much Adieu About Nothing

Donald DeMarco on Television (Part I)

A Rumor of Television Angels Confirmed

Gregory R. Beabout on Television (Part II)

book reviews

Real Theology: Paul Quay & “Recapitulation”

The Mystery Hidden
for Ages in God
by Paul M. Quay, S.J.
A review by Addison H. Hart

Three on Weaver

Richard M. Weaver, 1910?1963
by Fred Douglas Young
The Vision of Richard Weaver
edited by Joseph Scotchie
Barbarians in the Saddle
by Joseph Scotchie
A review by Patrick Henry Reardon


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