Gray Logic, Gray Wisdom

by S. M. Hutchens

Never the Twain?

by Patrick Henry Reardon


Practical Christianity

Dress for Success

by Thomas S. Buchanan

9.1—Winter 1996


Meet the Latcons

The Long and the Short of Latitudinarian Conservatives
by David Mills

New Quest, Old Errors

The Fallacies of the New Quest for the Historical Jesus
by James R. Edwards

The Joseph Story

Narrative, Theology, & the Christian Hope
by Patrick Henry Reardon

The Century of the Cyclops

On the Loss of Poetry as Necessary Knowledge
by Steven Faulkner


A View From the Keyboard

Thomas S. Buchanan on The First Church of Cyberspace

The Century of the Cyclops

on the Loss of Poetry as Necessary Knowledge

book reviews

A Churchman & A Prophet

Georges Florovsky: Russian Intellectual, Orthodox Churchman edited by Andrew Blane
reviewed by Brian McDonald


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