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Irrational Faculties

by Thomas S. Buchanan


Global Homework Assignment

The UN’s Original Lesson Plan for Families
by William L. Saunders


The Leading Edge

The Book of Life: Revised Edition

by Phillip E. Johnson

Book Return

The Path Less Beaten

by Stephen H. Webb

As It Is Written...

Dogmatic Love

by Patrick Henry Reardon

18.8—October 2005


An Uncertain Certainty

How Screwtape Leads the Postmodern Man to Hell
by David Mills

Education & Alienation

What John Henry Newman Could Learn from Wendell Berry
by D. G. Hart

Vanishing Sea of Faith

European Islam & the Doubtful Future of Christian Europe
by William Murchison



Anthony Esolen on Why Pornography Is Not the Sin We Say It Is

Wearing the Cross

Paul Gregory Alms on Servant Leadership & other Pastoral Fads

Killing for Kindness

C. T. Maier on the Moral Value of Being Unsympathetic

Mammon's Mastery

Paul J. Cella III on the Awful Idea of Efficiency

book reviews

Are We There Yet?

The Kingdom of Christ
by Russell D. Moore
reviewed by David Dockery

The Rights of Reconciliation

The Beloved Community
by Charles Marsh
reviewed by Heather Ferngren Morton

Three Square Males

The Compleat Gentleman
by Brad Miner
reviewed by Jeff McAlister

Killing Disorders

Traumatic Stress
by Rachel M. MacNair
reviewed by Anne Barbeau Gardiner

Wallis's Bible

God's Politics by Jim Wallis
reviewed by Jay W. Richards


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