articles by Eric Scheske

16.5 — June 2003

The Conservative Convert

The Life & Faith of Russell Kirk

15.4 — May 2002

Lighten Up!

On the Unseriousness
of Human Affairs
by James V. Schall

14.6 — July/August 2001

Is There No Privacy?

on Universal Responsibility

13.10 — December 2000

The Humble Artist

The Christian Imagination: G. K. Chesterton on the Arts by Thomas Peters

13.9 — November 2000

Clear Philosophy

The Unity of Philosophical Experience
by Etienne Gilson

13.8 — October 2000

Three American Sophomores

The Restlessness of Thomas Merton, J. D. Salinger & Jack Kerouac

13.5 — June 2000

Evil & Computer Diversions

on Spending Time

12.2 — March/April 1999

Dark Shadows of Turning

on Evil in Legend & Life

more from the online archives

22.8—November/December 2009

The Origin of Aesthetics

Looking for Beauty & Justice 150 Years After Darwin’s Classic by Charles Taliaferro

30.3—May/June 2017

Known Trespassing

on the Misuse of Property Rights to Justify Slavery & Abortion by Robert Hart

23.5—September/October 2010

No Ado About Something

The Loss of a Christian Understanding of Virginity Is Pure Tragedy by Eleanor Bourg Donlon

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