Tired of Life?

Or It Seems Less Like a Garment Now
by James M. Kushiner



The Beat Escape

by Anthony Esolen

As It Is Written...

The Gospels & History

by Patrick Henry Reardon

African Power
How 192 Delegates Saved Methodists from Madness & Other Stories from the General Conference
by Mark Tooley

Jerusalem Crossroad
Twelve Hundred Pilgrims Meet in the Holy Land to Reclaim the Anglican Communion
by Lisa Severine Nolland

21.9—November 2008


Wise Blood

Reflections on Modern Women & the Levitical Laws of Ritual Purity
by Marilyn Prever

The Shape of the Liturgy

Dom Gregory Dix’s Imperfect Work Remains an Edifying Modern Classic
by William J. Tighe


Up a Creek

S. M. Hutchens on the Dangerous Success of Rudderless Christianity

Lettuce Worship

Frederica Mathewes-Green on Bible Lessons for the Disney Generation

Sabbath Shift

Robert Hart on Sunday Marathons & New Savages

Mortal Enemy

James A. Altena on Looking Death in the Face of a Friend

book reviews

Ploy Meets Girl

Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships On Campus by Kathleen A. Bogle
reviewed by Nathaniel Peters

Just As He Wasn’t

The Legacy of Billy Graham: Critical Reflections on America’s Greatest Evangelist edited by Michael G. Long
A review by Gerald J. Russello

Living Truth

Discerning the Mystery: An Essay On the Nature of Theology by Andrew Louth
A review by Robert W. Grano

University Study

The Baylor Project: Taking Christian Higher Education to the Next Level edited by Barry G. Hankins and Donald D. Schmeltekopf
A review by Brad Green


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