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Duration: 35:57 with discussion afterwards — Talk delivered on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Is Patriarchy Inevitable? Answers Secular & Religious

—Allan C. Carlson—
Touchstone Senior Editor

This talk has also appeared in the pages of Touchstone. Read the paper here.

Allan C. Carlson is Distinguished Senior Fellow of the International Organization for the Family and Editor of The Natural Family: An International Journal of Research and Policy. He is also Founder of the World Congress of Families, which held its 13th major international conference this past Spring in Verona, Italy. Among his most recent books are: Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control 1873-1973, Conjugal America: On the Public Purpose of Marriage, and Third Ways: How Bulgarian Greens, Swedish Housewives, and Beer Swilling Englishmen Created Family-Centered Economies—And Why They Disappeared.

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