The Churches & the Homosexual Agenda

by Patrick Henry Reardon

A Feel-Good Sacrament

by James M. Kushiner


Eastern Lights & Shadows

Reflections on Orientale Lumen IV
by Addison H. Hart

Keeping Their Faith & Message Sharp

The Southern Baptists Revise Their Statement of Faith
by Dee Reju


Practical Christianity

The Sin of Self-Esteem

by Thomas S. Buchanan

13.8—October 2000


To Judge or Not to Judge?

An Address to Seminary Students on the Forsaken Art of Christian Judgment
by A. J. Conyers

Close Your Mind

Critical Christians in an Uncritical Age
by David Mills

Three American Sophomores

The Restlessness of Thomas Merton, J. D. Salinger & Jack Kerouac
by Eric Scheske


Human Respect in a Barbaric Age

Donna Steichen on the Sin of Tolerance

Delusions of Engagement

Preston Jones on Christians & Popular Culture

book reviews

A Literary Tapestry

Literary Converts
by Joseph Pearce
reviewed by Graeme Hunter

The Golden Fog

Beyond the Darkness:
A Biography of Bede Griffiths
by Shirley Du Boulay
reviewed by Dale Nelson

Disgruntled & Deceitful

Papal Sin
by Garry Wills
reviewed by James Hitchcock


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