Without the Cornerstone

When Secular Builders Labor in Vain
by Anthony Esolen


Personal Looks

The Timely Philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand
by Tonita M. Helton


The Leading Edge

Science Futures

by Phillip E. Johnson

As It Is Written...

Timothy Middleman

by Patrick Henry Reardon

21.4—May 2008


The Way We Weren’t

Churches in the Fifties Were Filled, But Were They Faithful?
by William Murchison

The Duty Free Family

Choice Is a Universal Acid That Dissolves All Ties That Bind
by Andrew J. Peach


Attention Deficit

Bruce D. Woodall on the Absence That Ritalin Can’t Cure

Images of Redemption

Lance Nixon on Pentecostal Iconography

Above Every Name

Russell D. Moore on the Formalities That Teach Us Reverence

Possible to Live Without

Robert Hart on Putting the Premarital House in Order

book reviews

Holy Probable

There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by Anthony Flew, with Roy Abraham Varghese
reviewed by Louis Markos

No Child Is An Island

Freedom’s Orphans: Contemporary Liberalism and the Fate of America’s Children by David L. Tubbs
reviewed by Gerald J. Russello

Unreasonable Force

Panentheism: The Other God Of the Philosophers—From Plato to the Present by John W. Cooper
reviewed by L. P. Fairfield

Twilight Zone

The Luminous Dusk: Finding God in the Deep, Still Places by Dale C. Allison, Jr.
reviewed by Robert W. Grano

Continental Drift

God's Continent: Christianity, Islam and Europe's Religious Crisis by Philip Jenkins
reviewed by Graeme Hunter


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