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California Dreaming

by Thomas S. Buchanan

Home Invasion

by Gillis J. Harp


Bob’s Hope

Post-Election, NCC Leader Reaches Out to the Left Behind
by Mark Tooley


The Matter At Hand

Empty Spaces of the Word

by Leon J. Podles

As It Is Written...

Abimelech in Love

by Patrick Henry Reardon

18.1—January/February 2005


Five Rings & a Wedding

Marriage & the Concentric Communities That Surround It
by Allan C. Carlson

Rush to Alter

How Homosexuals Benefit from the Devolution of Marriage
by Bryce Christensen

Onan’s Onus

A sidebar in W. Bradford Wilcox’s “The Facts of Life & Marriage”
by David Mills


Who Made Thee?

Peter A. Speckhard on Telling People Who They Really Are

The Child Not Taken

Russell D. Moore on Aborting the Conscience Through Choice

Triple Bypass

C. N. Sue Abromaitis on Rhetorical Evasions of the Pro-Life Imperative

Novel Bioethics

Claire Barshied on How a Book Taught Her to Reimagine Sex

Desperate Steps for Wives

Roberto Rivera on Television Wives & Suburban Choices

book reviews

The Idea of Kirk

Russell Kirk and
the Age of Ideology
by W. Wesley McDonald
reviewed by Jeremy Beer


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