Losing Our Illusions

by Patrick Henry Reardon


Practical Christianity

Looking Beyond Ourselves

by Thomas S. Buchanan

The Catholic Angler
An Interview with Thomas Howard

Hateful Pastor Distorts Christianity
by Mark Tooley

Mainstreaming Homosexuality
by Mark Tooley

12.5—September/October 1999


Writing What Your Readers Will Hear

C. S. Lewis, Analogy & the Lay Mind
by David Mills

Dessert First

How the Modern Version of Carpe Diem Has Seized the Day
by Jonathan Carson

Common Prayer, Common Faith

On the 450th Anniversary of the Book of Common Prayer
by Louis R. Tarsitano


Darwin’s Brave New World

Roberto Rivera on the Popular Mind

Death of the Organist

Joseph Swain on Church Music

book reviews

Philosophy Seeking Virtue

Faith, Hope, Love
by Josef Pieper
A review by John B. Davenport

The Thames & the Tiber

The Roman Option
by William Oddie
reviewed by William J. Tighe

Resurrecting Doctrine

The Thirty-Nine Articles:
Buried Alive?
by Samuel C. Pascoe
reviewed by Samuel L. Edwards


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