Positively Not

by David Mills

The Skulls of Priests

by Christopher Check


Practical Christianity

Loving Kindness

by Thomas S. Buchanan

Seeking the Truth In Love
A Catholic-Protestant Encounter in Dallas
by Kathryn Collmer

Trash the TV?
An Internet Discussion Between Terry Mattingly & S. M. Hutchens
With contributions by
S. M. Hutchens
& Terry Mattingly

11.1—January/February 1998


Plausible Missionaries

Preaching the Gospel in a Language “Understanded of the People”
by Louis R. Tarsitano

The Culture of Hope & Glory

Passing on Christian Culture on the Verge of the Third Millennium
by Janine Langan

A Small Step of Faith

Introduction to The Gift of Salvation
by J. I. Packer

Another Step Forward

A Sidebar in J. I. Packer’s “A Small Step of Faith”
by Ralph Mackenzie


Cultivating “Christian Anger”

by Theodore Pulcini

Joan Andrews Bell

by Patrick Henry Reardon

book reviews

A Flawed Portrait of Dissent

The Smoke of Satan
by Michael W. Cuneo
A review by Leon J. Podles


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