Patterns of Faith: Ten Years of Touchstone

by James M. Kushiner

Our First Editorial

by The Editors

A Porch to Talk On

by S. M. Hutchens

No Better Words

by Patrick Henry Reardon

The Small Voice, Still

by James Hitchcock


Practical Christianity

An Unquenchable Thirst for God

by Thomas S. Buchanan

10.4—Fall 1997


Recognizing the Church

A Personal Pilgrimage & the Discovery of Five Marks of the Church
by Thomas Howard

The Bible Tells Me So

On Knowing & Obeying the Biblical Pattern for Life & Godliness
by David Mills

On Christian Unity

Two Excerpts on the Relations Between Protestants, Roman Catholics, & Orthodox
by S. M. Hutchens
& Leon J. Podles

Muggeridge: A Memoir

Malcolm Muggeridge: Journalist, Humorist & Christian
by Thomas Howard

T. S. Eliot on Literary Morals

On T. S. Eliot’s After Strange Gods
by Russell Kirk

Lessons from the Nursery

The Catholic Imagination Encounters Bambi
by James L. Sauer


Live Long & Prosper

S. M. Hutchens on the Fifth Commandment

Promise Keepers & Christian Unity

by Kevin Offner

C. S. Lewis, Reluctant Churchman

by Wayne Martindale

Turning Hearts to the Fathers

by Thomas C. Oden

book reviews

Brother Dostoevsky

Selected Letters of Fyodor Dostoyevsky edited by Joseph Frank & David Goldstein
A review by Steven Faulkner


Every issue of Touchstone also contains short commentaries by our editors, news about the persecuted church, and our spirited letters section.

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