Darwinism & the Liberal Cause

by James Hitchcock

Darwin & the New Man

by James M. Kushiner


Midwives of a Common God

The Myriad Friends of the United Religions Initiative
by Lee Penn


Practical Christianity

Poison Control

by Thomas S. Buchanan

13.5—June 2000


Susannah’s Virtues

The Prayer of Distress & the Cause of Justice
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Just Sentiments

Emotivism versus Traditional Morality
by Angus J. L. Menuge


The Reticence of God

Leon J. Podles on Signs & Revelation

The NCC’s Peculiar Solidarity

Rod Dreher on Elián González

Evil & Computer Diversions

Eric Scheske on Spending Time

book reviews

The Corners of Paradise

by Griselda Barton and
Michael Tong
Samuel Palmer
by Colin Harrison
reviewed by Dale Nelson

Practicing for Paradise

Inheriting Paradise
by Vigen Guroian
reviewed by Marjorie Haney Schafer

No Other Eden

Rare Earth
by Peter D. Ward and
Donald Brownlee
reviewed by Guillermo Gonzalez


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