American Reservists

by David Mills

Practical Atheism

by S. M. Hutchens


The Matter At Hand

Naples & New Towns

by Leon J. Podles

As It Is Written...

The Paralytic from the Roof

by Patrick Henry Reardon

16.5—June 2003


Sacred Pedagogy

How & What We Learn About God from the Family
by Dennis F. Kinlaw

The Holy Fool as Bohemian Tory

The Wise Faith of Russell Kirk
by James E. Person, Jr.

The Conservative Convert

The Life & Faith of Russell Kirk
by Eric Scheske


Being Forgotten

Thomas Howard on Male Vanity

Father’s Day in Court

Chene Heady on Paternity Suit Misfits

The Truth About Men & Church

Robbie Low on the Importance of Fathers to Churchgoing

The Austere Offices of Manhood

Louis R. Tarsitano on the Labors of Christian Fathers

book reviews

Orthodox Twenty-Somethings

The New Faithful
by Colleen Carroll
The Younger Evangelicals
Robert E. Webber
reviewed by Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

A Fugue of Death

Kaddish for a Child Not Born
by Imre Kertesz
reviewed by Graeme Hunter

Jesus, Paul & Socrates

Smiling Through the
Cultural Catastrophe
by Jeffrey Hart
reviewed by Preston Jones


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