No Answer for Littleton

by James Hitchcock


Not the Chaplain of Ethnic Cleansing

The Orthodox Church in Serbia
by Jim Forest


A Christian Women’s Declaration

On Coalitions & Biblical Orthodoxy
by S. M. Hutchens


Practical Christianity

The Heresy of Choice

by Thomas S. Buchanan

12.3—May/June 1999


The Stones of Babel

Modernist Sacred Architecture & the Mortification of the Senses
by Catesby Leigh

Christian Types, Christian Virtues, Christian Unity

The Evangelical Path to Christian Unity
by Jim Forest

Under the Gaze of God & Angels

The Meaning of Tobit for the Christian Reader
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Status Confessionis

The State of the World, in Which the Church Must Stand by Her Confession
by Harold O. J. Brown


Little Kings & Local Affinities

Louis R. Tarsitano on Identity Politics & the Christian

book reviews

Presidential Pardon?

From the Eye of the Storm
by J. Philip Wogaman
Judgement Day at the White House
edited by Gabriel Fackre
reviewed by Mark Tooley

Christians & Conservation

Sex, Economy, Freedom,
and Community
by Wendell Berry
Creation at Risk?
edited by Michael Cromartie
Redeeming Creation
by Fred Van Dyke et al.
reviewed by Preston Jones


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