Why Conservatives Can’t Win

by James M. Kushiner


A Novelist Looks at Faith & Fiction

An Interview with Susan Howatch
by David Virtue


Desperately Seeking the Mainline?

Roman Catholic Bishops & the National Council of Churches
by Mark Tooley


Practical Christianity

Of Donkeys & Lampholders

by Thomas S. Buchanan

12.2—March/April 1999


Touchstones of Catholicity

Bishop Richard Challoner & the Idea of the Primitive Church
by William P. Hyland

Are Ordinary Christians Ethical?

Socrates’ Ethical Dilemma & the Mere Christian
by Graeme Hunter

The Wide World of Tobit

The Apocrypha’s Tobit & Literary Tradition
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Where God Meets Man

The Church, the Incarnation, & the “Catholic Synthesis”
by Folke T. Olofsson


Dark Shadows of Turning

Eric Scheske on Evil in Legend & Life

Constantinople’s Moral Oversight

Andrew F. Estocin on Orthodoxy in the Public Square

book reviews

Sitting Still with Christopher Dawson

Eternity in Time:
Christopher Dawson and the
Catholic Idea of History
edited by Stratford Caldecott
and John Morril
reviewed by Adam Schwartz


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