<h1>Tips for writing a babysitters CV

Tips for writing a babysitters CV

The Resume Example for Babysitter will help job applicants for nanny, babysitter, governess, governess-nanny jobs.

When applying for a job, experience in caring for children of a certain age is of paramount importance, preferably backed up by references. It is more difficult if such skills are not available. The less experience you have, the more difficult it is to convince a potential employer of your competence and the more responsible you should be when writing your CV.

Nanny's job description for your CV

The main job description of a nanny is caring for your child. This includes feeding the child, going for walks and playing with the child. All other possible functions are secondary. Families hiring a child minder often require applicants to combine childcare duties with some housework.

The responsibility to keep the baby's room tidy looks logical, but for some parents this is not enough. If a job seeker is required to take on not only babysitting duties, but also responsibilities for laundry, ironing and cleaning of an 800 square meter house, such an offer should be rejected immediately.
Key nanny skills on a CV

While you may not expect to find a job in a daycare center, almost every private job advert for a nanny includes phrases like "preferably medical school" or "English language skills are a big plus. The employer values all the skills that can help in the care and upbringing of a child.

Nanny's achievements in your CV

For an employer, your best achievement will be experience in working successfully with children of a certain age. Preferably, it should be backed up by a reference on your resume. Achievement can also be considered as a success for the mentee. If the child with your help learned to play the piano or swim, or even participated in a concert or performed well in a competition, you should be proud of it. A success can also be seen as being ahead of their peers in communication skills, reading and writing, elementary maths and so on.

Personal qualities for a nanny's CV

Personal qualities that will help you communicate with your child and, to a lesser extent, with the parents, are important for a nanny. The most important qualities are sociability and responsiveness, friendliness and kindness, ability to get along with the child and stress tolerance. The job of a nanny or governess requires meticulousness and attentiveness, a result-oriented attitude and emotional stability.

In the upbringing of children is important and attention to detail, vigilance, high performance, energy and responsibility. It is not necessary to rewrite in a resume all examples of personal qualities. It is enough to limit yourself to a few that you think best describe you and are most suitable for the job of a nanny.