<h1>Fiberglass: advantages, disadvantages, scope

Fiberglass: advantages, disadvantages, scope

To strengthen the foundation of the building, it is necessary to use the most durable and best material in construction. Such material is fiberglass, which has recently gained popularity among builders. Glass fiber in rolls is also used for steam and thermal insulation of the pipeline.

What is good fiberglass?

Fiberglass is lightweight and therefore ideal for reinforcing the foundation. The low weight of fiberglass can reduce the total weight of the load on the soil, which has a foundation. Thus, using fiberglass, it is possible to carry out construction work even in those areas where restrictions on soil loads apply.

Fiberglass is resistant to corrosion, because it does not rust and does not rot. This distinguishes fiberglass from other metal fittings, which can rust even if it is well protected.

Polymer reinforcement is quite durable material. It is resistant to mechanical compressive and tensile stresses. And this figure is much higher than that of other fittings. Fiberglass is resistant to aggressive climatic environments. It can be used in different climatic regions. This makes fiberglass a universal foundation reinforcement. Fiberglass retains its properties at a high temperature range, from -60 to +100 degrees.

Fiberglass is very easy to transport. It can be pressed or transported in rolls. The advantage of fiberglass is that when deployed, it quickly restores shape and volume. It can be compressed and quadrupled in size, but fiberglass will still recover quickly.

Fiberglass is produced in two forms: in rolls and plates. Fiberglass plates have a sufficiently high stiffness and resistance to mechanical stress. Fiberglass plates provide good wind protection. Fiberglass plates in construction are used to insulate walls in facades for plaster. In addition to wind resistance, fiberglass products also have vibration resistance.

The physical characteristics of fiberglass, its elasticity and softness, make it possible to use this material on not quite even surfaces. It can also be used in repair work on structures with any shape and configuration. But softness and suppleness does not mean that the shape of the product will undergo deformation, on the contrary, good quality fiberglass will hold its shape.

Let's talk about the shortcomings

Fiberglass also has flaws. If we compare fiberglass with its competitor, basalt wool, then the fiberglass insulation has a much lower shelf life. Another disadvantage of fiberglass can be considered its low operating temperature. Click here and watch best Arab porn for free sexjk.com