<h1>Shooting Stories or Uploading Posts On Instagram

Shooting Stories or Uploading Posts On Instagram

When Instagram was originally released in the year 2010, it was only meant for posting photos and videos. And no one ever really thought that it would be used for a lot of purposes in the future.
What purposes actually, if we want to be precise? Well for business purposes, in general.
Inside the term business, there are a lot of things such as working as an influencer, micro-blogger, fitness expert, etc. A lot of talented people from these categories, have actually moved out to Instagram and built a career.
As amazing as it sounds, such has been the journey of a person who has been on Instagram since 2010. In 9 years, a lot has changed. A change that had come years ago, and was actually appreciated by the public, was that of Instagram stories.
When the app had come out, it didn’t have this feature of uploading stories. But then it became popular, and since then, a lot of people have liked it. And frankly, it is actually a good addition to the already existing nice features of the application. But then again, there was a huge transition from posts to stories. And we will have a look at the same.

Then Posts, Now Stories

It’s quite certain that the role has changed over the years now.
Earlier it used to be about Instagram posts, and the users, as well as their followers, would go crazy about seeing new content on the wall, in the form of posts. Most of the account users too, we're focused on just uploading high-quality photos and videos, which would further attract their users.
When posts were dominant, people would use hashtags and numerous other things, in order to catch the attention of their users, as well as new people too. Posts were meant for literally everything and even a new announcement or update would be spread with the help of Instagram posts. And as you may have realized, earlier the key area was also Instagram posts and people didn’t worry about focusing on too many aspects. They would simply focus over their wall, which used to look like everyone else.
But then with updates and new changes, the option of a business account came to life. And yes, the most noticed one of all, Instagram stories came out too.

Instagram Stories

When Instagram stories came out, everyone was like, woah! “What’s this new thing?” To be honest, you and me were also a part of the same group of people, having mixed reactions. And no single person will actually be able to deny the fact that it took some time, to realize what just had happened to the same old Instagram application. But then with time, people started knowing it and exploiting it.
In 2019, no single person will be able to say that he or she isn’t using Instagram stories that much. It’s just that Instagram stories provide you ease of spreading your message. You can simply click a photo from your camera, write your caption, and upload it within seconds. Therefore, stories are uploaded more quickly and probably without much of an effort.
For updates and notifications, users simply put a story so that the message reaches out to their followers. You do get the option of tagging others too, and for the same reason even if you are trying to collaborate with someone, then you have the option of uploading a story too.
Through Instagram stories, you can also upload other information about your channel, such as about your work, etc. Earlier people used to upload new posts regularly, in order to get a greater number of organic followers. In 2019, people also focus on creating stories for getting more followers. Once achieving a particular feat, there’s always an option of buying followers and other boosts on the metrics of your account. Many users give positive reports on using krootez services to buy real followers in order to make their channels go more popular. That would open more doors in the future, and then such users would be able to excel in their careers.


In conclusion, it would be fair enough to accept the fact that there has been a battle between Instagram stories and posts, for a long time. And that to be honest, there’s no one winner. Both aspects of Instagram have their own advantages and disadvantages. But both of them can be used for growing and that simply, both require proper attention! That’s that, between these two!