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A well-written resume increases the chances of getting your dream job. It is quite simple to arrange it, but there are several pitfalls, and if you do not know them, you can make a completely different impression. For example, in other cases, you need to describe your education and past jobs differently. Resume experts on https://resumegets.com/ advised on how to present yourself before a meeting with a potential employer properly.

A familiar situation? You decided to write a resume but froze in front of a white sheet of Word. 

  • What to write, and what to keep silent about? 
  • What phrases will catch the employer? 
  • To indicate or not to tell the reasons for dismissal from the previous job? 
  • To joke or abstain? 
  • Attach a photo or not? 

A million questions arise in my head, and not all of them have answers on the omniscient Internet.

There are unshakable principles of a good resume; these are literacy, adequacy, brevity, and clarity.


This means that the text of the resume should be written without grammatical and spelling errors. Pay attention to the words underlined in Word and double-check those in the dictionary that you doubt the correct spelling. Let someone read the letter who appreciates the text with a fresh eye and can notice the flaws.


The information in the resume must meet the requirements of the vacancy. If you are looking for a job as an accountant, then write only about accounting experience. A potential employer is interested only cares about how you show your professional qualities. And the extra information will give the impression that you are simply showing off.


A resume shouldn't be three lines long, but it shouldn't be five pages long. The optimal size is one and a half pages. If your profession requires a portfolio demonstration, it is better to send it in a separate file.


It would be best if you described what education you received, where you worked, what courses you took, and your merits in the chosen field. There is no need to give the text artistry or try to joke. Such a resume has a place in the trash can. Your text should be structured.

It is not necessary to indicate the goal and expected salary level, but it will give the employer an understanding of what you are counting on. In the end, the salary will depend on your responsibilities, but you will discuss this issue in more detail in a personal meeting.

Work experience

Resume experts recommend indicating the work experience of the last five years of work in chronological order, starting from the last place of work.


If you have been working for a long time, it is recommended to provide education information briefly. If you are a graduate or student, it is better to describe everything in more detail.

Courses, training, seminars, and other educational events are also desirable to indicate. But don't forget that they must be relevant to the job posting.


It is unnecessary to insert a photo into your resume, but it will be a plus for you. Just choose your image responsibly. Artistic photographs, photographs in which you have thick makeup, as well as those taken during a holiday or a feast, are not welcome. Such photos can confuse a potential employer and make you doubt the seriousness of your intentions.

It is impossible to create the first impression a second time. Therefore, you have one chance to succeed with a resume the moment it is read for the first time.