<h1>How to Conduct a Survey That Gets Results

How to Conduct a Survey That Gets Results

Are you frustrated with creating live voting polls that aren’t getting the participation you hope for? In a world where your audience might be presented with any number of live voting polls in a single day, it’s absolutely critical that yours stands out from the crowd. Not only that, but it needs to stand out for the right reasons!

How to conduct live voting polls that get results

So, what makes one online poll more desirable than the next? What calls people to participate on one and pass on the next? It often comes down to the same critical factors, which we’ll discuss now.

Keep it short (if possible)

Whenever possible, it’s useful to keep your poll questions short and to the point. If someone starts taking your poll only to realize each question is a paragraph long, they’re far more likely to exit out of your survey and move onto something else.

Another way to keep poll questions short is to make sure you’re really only asking ONE question at a time.

For example, rather than asking, “Are you likely to purchase this product and why?” you would turn that into two separate questions, like this:

  • Are you likely to purchase this product?
  • If you responded yes to the previous question, why?
  • Offer incentives

    Offering live polls participants something in return for their time can be another helpful way to boost engagement rates. From entering them to win a prize or offering them a discount code on their next purchase, they’re more likely to take part if there’s something in it for them.

    Make it easy to participate

    Finally, we must discuss how essential it is that your live polls are easy to use. If your audience has to click several links, text long numbers, or enter all kinds of personal information to participate, you’ll have a very tough time getting the survey results you want.

    Your best bet is choosing online polling software like Swift by ExciteM. Their web and SMS polling features offer one-click signup and make it very easy to share details about how to participate in your survey.

    In addition to being easier for your audience, they also make it easy for you as the host to create polls. In fact, with Swift Polling you can create live polls in less than a minute.