<h1>How to market your Christian book on Instagram

How to market your Christian book on Instagram

A good book takes a lot of years, and therefore, the ‘years in the making’ are always mentioned. Certainly, it takes a lot of effort and therefore, it is just that the book should run well in the market. How can a person make sure that he or she is able to do so?

The writing part and responsibility lie with the writer and it’s his job to make sure that his lines have got the juice to run the public. But the marketing phase is equally important, and in fact, it would not be wrong to say that in some cases, it has got more weight, then the content itself!

Marketing your Christian book with the help of offline sources can definitely be a big step. But then again, as you might be aware of the same, it will also cost you some money. That actually means you will have to move towards offline sources for marketing your book.

Let’s have a close look at it so that we can get a brief idea of the same.

Promoting your book, Online

Let’s take an example, that you someone refers to social media platforms to you, for promoting your book. Throughout the text, we will take Instagram as a prime example, and we will discuss its positive as well as negative points. If speaking about this platform, it is all about likes and comments on your posts, the more you get, the more popular your media would become. This is basically why a lot of people buy Instagram likes to make their photos and videos look famous and to push it up to the top of the feed.

So, let’s assume that you are a writer and you create an Instagram profile, for promoting your book. Now for it, you will certainly mention yourself as an author in the bio of your business account. Moving ahead, you can share your details and the degrees you have earned if you have any. You can mention all your achievements which will create a positive impact on your followers.

Moving ahead, famous writers such as Neeraj Mengalwedi from India, always try to keep their followers engaged.

And well the point is, how do they manage to do so?

While Mr.Mengalwedi’s book was about to come out, he organized a contest where the followers were asked to guess the name of his new book. He would give them hints and then his followers were supposed to guess from the same. After a week or so, he did reveal the results and there was also some reward for the people, who had made the correct guess.

So, as it turns out the engagement of the people is a must and therefore, you should also find a trick like this, which can keep your followers happy. And when you’d do so, they will also get excited about your new book and they will wait eagerly for it to come out.

Apart from this, one more important thing which you can do is to share lines from your book. You can start quoting your book so that people get familiar with its touch. Sharing some sample chapters can also be the thing.

And you can also move ahead with the thought of sharing your book cover on your wall on Instagram. Instagram is meant for sharing photos, right?

Then why not share the cover and even some of the possible designs that you would have chosen?

It’s a great idea, and undeniably, unignorable.

What’s so big about likes on Instagram

Okay, now let’s just come over to the fact that for showing your skills and in order to promote your book, you will need a huge number of likes. So, in order to gain likes, what is that you can do?

One of the great options available out there would certainly be to buy Instagram likes from Buyiglikesfast instantly. Well, it can be a bit of investment, but then it’s not that much. Once you are ready to buy Instagram likes on photos and videos concerning your book, it will be quite easy for you to have a great writer profile - demanded, popular, and appreciated.

Having a lot of followers along with a good amount of likes on each post will also mean that you will get support even from organic followers. They will start to put organic likes and comments, that’s what you need. So, it actually gives you more than an opportunity.

Explore Instagram and find the major accounts and communities related to Christianity, follow the biggest and start to communicate with users on posts and comments. This is how you can drive new related visitors to your account to make them familiar with your book.

Moving ahead, you can also link your Instagram profile with all other social media handles and profiles that you have. Well, that would allow you to share stuff on all the mediums, and well you will also be able to meet the requirements of every fan.

Some people may not prefer Instagram, or some of them may not be aware of the same. But they would get to about it, once you link all your profiles.


These are some of the ways through which you can set up a successful marketing campaign for your Christian book on Instagram.