<h1>DIY edible glitter - very easy

DIY edible glitter - very easy

Our step-by-step MK and detailed description will help you make safe shining decorations for New Year's sweets on your own!

New Year is, perhaps, the brightest time of the year: everything is replete with different colors from all sides. And confectioners also need to be in trend, because in the New Year's time their services are in great demand. Today I propose to prepare edible glitter - fast, simple and beautiful! They can decorate any of your New Year's products, be it cakes, cupcakes, keypops, etc.

Why make them yourself? - you ask. - After all, sequins are sold in any pastry shop! That's how it is. But few people think that factory holographic glitter, even those that are sold in stores for pastry chefs, are actually not allowed to be eaten! These sequins can easily come into contact with food, they are generally not toxic, but still not suitable for ingestion. We will prepare wonderful sequins with you, which you can undoubtedly eat!)

For work, you need a mill or coffee grinder, but if you do not have such a device, then you can use a blender, everything will work out, just the grinding will be coarser.

We will prepare the necessary products
I will make sequins in three colors and for each color I take 8 g of gelatin (total - 24 g) and 48 g of water (total - 144 g). We also need 3 food colors and 3 shades of kandurin (you can use it inside!).

Leave the gelatin to swell
For clarity, I divided the gelatin with water into 3 cups, but you can soak everything in one. After swelling, heat the gelatin over low heat until the granules dissolve. Pour equally into 3 cups.

We paint!
Add color to each cup and stir.

Add kandurin
Now add a suitable kandurin to each color (I added blue to blue, green to green, but it seems to me (but I have not tried it yet), you can play with shades and mix, for example, red dye and gold kandurin) and stir.

Apply to the surface
Next, we take a package of files or other materials that do not absorb water (for example, a flexible cutting board or document folder, silicone mat) and apply our mixture with a brush. I needed 4 files for each color.

Leave to dry
After that, we remove our blanks until they are completely dry (they dried for me from a day to one and a half, depending on the thickness of the applied layer).

We shoot!
After evaporation of all the liquid, a thin film remains on the surface of the file, which can be easily removed.

This is how my films looked like, they need to be broken and sent to a blender / mill. Grind and voila - the edible glitter is ready!

This is how quickly (not counting the time for drying) and you can simply prepare a very unusual decor for New Year's sweets! And not only for New Year's, of course!) Take a note!

Source: https://www.lrisy.com