<h1>Preview Game: Mafia III

Preview Game: Mafia III


Many people want to create their own Y9 game. However, as history teaches, it turns out exclusively from Rockstar - only she succeeds in each new part of the great series about car thieves not only to preserve all her best ideas, but also to constantly develop them. Mafia, thanks to its setting and gloomy atmosphere, showed good hopes of becoming a real competitor to GTA. However, the second part has lost its charm, which once again confirmed the general rule. Many do not expect anything outstanding from Mafia III. Let's figure it out: is it worth it?

The main thing that we all want from Mafia, and which is not in any of the GTA clones , is a serious gangster setting that exposes the dark side of city life. It cannot be said that the first part was realistic, but thanks to the special drama, the costumes hiding Thompson's machine guns, and the serious tone of the story, sustained in the spirit of The Godfather, all the game events were perceived with genuine delight. One way or another, Hangar 13 should by no means be GTAV oriented . And it seems that the developers are well aware of this.

First, the space-time coordinates of the Mafia III settingthe following are selected: New Orleans, 1968. What does it mean? Ford Mustangs and “drooping cars” roam the streets of the city with dense buildings and low houses, girls start wearing bikinis, and the sounds of rock and roll can be heard from every corner. Yes, the historical period allowed creators to upload legendary tracks from 60s artists to the game radio: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and many others.

Good or bad - everyone decides for himself. But the gameplay videos present us with a rather rich, sometimes gloomy and very stylish picture. The zeitgeist must be conveyed perfectly. It is not clear only whether this era will be able to captivate us, as it once did in the 30s.

A rather curious time period is not the only feature: the developers create a non-standard image of the main character. We will play as mulatto Lincoln Clay, a veteran of the Vietnam War. The attitude towards blacks in New Orleans was then, to put it mildly, not very supportive. The game will pay a lot of attention to the problems of racism. The appearance of Lincoln in some areas is highly undesirable - there they will look at him as an enemy and, at the slightest opportunity, will arrange lynching.

However, the image of Lincoln is more remarkable in another sense. The black "closet" is associated with any possible gangster groups, but not with the graceful mafia clans. In the course of the plot, we will meet various gangster organizations, among which the Italian mafia will be the main enemy of our gang. That is, for the first time in the series, the player's character will not be involved in Cosa Nostra. Such a motley underworld can destroy the aesthetics of the mafia code with its intra-family relationships. On the other hand, the more interesting the developers' statement about the presence of Vito Scaletta in the plot; one can only guess what role he will get.

Lincoln is organizing his own mafia gang from scratch. And this plot decision is also somewhat controversial. Usually the scenario assumes that the hero gets into an existing family, proves his usefulness, loyalty, gradually gaining trust and authority. Here we immediately find ourselves at the top of the hierarchy. A tough guy with a bull's jaw and military manners, he undertakes to show everyone who is the main alpha male in the area - this is more "Brigade" than "Mafia".

The New Orleans gangster does not obey anyone, but they obey him. There will be three plot characters among the accomplices. Lincoln as a reward can give the "colleagues" captured territories, which in a certain way will affect their combat skills. The choice of favorites will affect some plot events (we are promised relative non-linearity) and gameplay, since each of the characters has unique abilities. And why is GTAV suddenly remembered again ?

The developers talk about their desire to make each playthrough unique. The player must be a co-author of the story, feel like the head of a mafia group. In this, an important role is played by the elaboration of the open world, the degree of its detailing. We do not yet know how realistic city life will be, but in the gameplay videos everything looks very authentic - young people play guitars, couples in love kiss, long-haired hippies stand at the walls with a pacific sign. The townspeople who saw the weapon in Clay's hands will quickly call the police. In general, the illusion of life is present in the videos.

In Mafiathe main role has always been played by history, which was presented with a special dramatic flavor. In terms of gameplay, what can we say, it hardly stood out for anything special. Shootings, chases, fights - it's hard to come up with something new here. A standard type of stealth using cover will also be presented. Most of the missions to clean up enemy dens can be performed both in open confrontation with opponents and unnoticed.

On the one hand, the developers are trying to make the gameplay more realistic. So, the hero will be able to carry only two types of weapons, he will not have automatically regenerating health. The fights look naturalistic: Lincoln's arsenal contains many tough tricks, because of which Western journalists dubbed the game one of the most brutal in history. Clay smashes enemy heads and gut enemies, pouring gallons of blood on the screen ... Everything looks natural - as befits a mafia game.

On the other hand, the developers clearly do not want to lose GTA in entertainment. So, the physics of cars is alarming - cars accelerate too quickly, easily and deftly maneuver on the road, and in a collision they soar into the air like balls. There is no ponderousness and sluggishness that a Cadillac or a Ford could boast of. Concession for the sake of dynamics and entertainment? The developers themselves claim that in the final version the physics will fully correspond to reality. Well, let's see.

The game has a lot of controversial, albeit non-trivial, decisions that may well both destroy the mafia style and give the series a completely new flavor. However, it still does not leave the feeling that Hangar 13 made a mistake - it took GTA and other "sandboxes" with their dynamics and action as a reference point . Of course, we do not have complete information, and the developers can still pleasantly surprise us by successfully instilling a new aesthetic in the series. But one thing is already clear: the revival of the original Mafia should not be expected.