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from the desk of Anthony Esolen


Dear Touchstone reader,

Of all the journals I know of that one might call "conservative," there are only two of which I'd say, with plain confidence, "Here we do not concede one square millimeter of territory to falsehood, folly, contemporary sentimentality, or fashion. We speak the truth, and let God be our judge." Of those two, Touchstone is the one which is committedly Christian. We preach Christ and Him crucified, a scandal to the stuck-in-mud progressives of our time, and folly to the beautiful people, but to those who believe, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. And we do more: we see that our Christian faith is to permeate every feature of our lives; man is a cultural creature, or at least until the phenomena of mass entertainment, mass politics, and mass education he has been a cultural creature, and so we strive to bring into being a genuine culture to begin with, and a genuinely Christian culture at that. Whatever has to do with God and man can find a place in our pages. And I know of no journal, none, that so consciously upholds the goodness and beauty of man as man and woman as woman, made for one another, and both together for their children, and all together for God.

Anthony Esolen
Touchstone Senior Editor

William J. Tighe, Professor
History Department, Muhlenberg College
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Anthony Esolen is a Touchstone senior editor, who has written many articles for the magazine. A reader favorite is "The Greatness Commission: Christ, Individualism & the Meaning of Cultural Diversity ."—Douglas Johnson

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