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Never evasive and never dull, Touchstone is acclaimed by a wide range of Christian leaders for its honest reporting, thought-provoking analysis, and bold commentary. The magazine features cultural criticism and editorials that tackle tough issues, learned and fresh Bible commentary, interviews, book reviews, news of the Church across denominational lines and around the globe, and more.

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Hear the audio spot about Touchstone—Grant Rampy, Director of Public Relations at Abilene Christian University

"I have been a fan of Touchstone and Salvo for many years. Next to my Bible, I consider these publications 'must-reads' on a regular basis. They are chock full of wisdom. Just excellent!"

—Roland C. Warren
President & CEO, Care Net

"I've always found Touchstone magazine to be as challenging as it is informative. At the same time, not once have I detected a hint of 'straddling the fence' in covering a major Christian doctrinal or moral issue. You continue to teach the faith that has been handed on to us from the beginning. That's the reason that I've given a number of gift subscriptions over the years to friends of mine in order to introduce them to Touchstone. May the Lord continue to bless all that you do in the service of the truth!"

—Victor Galeone
Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of St. Augustine

"I absolutely love Touchstone Magazine. It is a wonderful—and much-needed—voice for 'mere Christianity,' a Christianity focused on unity in the Truth. In fact it gives voice to those of us who seek to break down the walls between believers, much like Evangelicals and Catholics Together strives to do and the Manhattan Declaration expresses so powerfully. I hope and pray that God will continue to bring favor on Touchstone and that it will continue its sensible and desperately needed message to the Church."

—Chuck Colson
Founder, Prison Fellowship, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Touchstone offers Great Tradition Christians steady nourishment in the faith once delivered to the saints. This singular journal is also an open invitation to the unchurched and the confused to discover anew that the truth of the Gospel sets us free in the deepest meaning of human liberation. 

- George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, and biographer of Pope St. John Paul II

I love everything about Touchstone—the writers, the topics they write about, the tone. As an adult convert to Christianity, I have a lot of ground to make up. Touchstone is an enormous help.

—Fred Barnes
Executive Editor, Weekly Standard

I have been an avid reader of Touchstone Magazine for several years now, and I look forward to each new issue because this is the best source I know of for theologically rooted, unapologetically Christian engagement with life and culture. Touchstone represents the sort of robust ecumenical endeavor which provides real hope and cooperation not by downplaying our disagreements but by facing them squarely while also acknowledging our central agreements. I regularly encourage fellow pastors and students to read your magazine because it has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for your labors and may the Lord continue to sustain you.

—Ray Van Neste, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies Director, R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies
Union University

Touchstone is a journal which I highly esteem. Touchstone exemplifies, in my mind, true ecumenical conversation and cooperation, in furthering the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our personal lives and in the world. I look forward to receiving each issue and usually find myself reading each issue in its entirety. Certainly, Touchstone has helped me to think more deeply about many aspects of the Christian faith and of its practice in a pervasively secularized society. It is my hope and prayer that Touchstone will continue its service, as we say in Latin, 'ad multos annos,' for many years. May God bless all who continue the noble and important work of Touchstone!

—Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

"There are magazines worth reading, but few worth saving. It is rare to find a magazine whose content is so intellectually, spiritually and religiously enriching that it is - like great books - worth keeping in one's library. We know we shall go back to it for future reference. Touchstone is just such a magazine."

—Alice von Hildebrand

"When it comes to making Christian sense of the human drama, there could hardly be a more important publication than Touchstone, precisely because it seeks to bring out the deeper, more enduring realities of existence."

—John Henry Crosby
Director of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project

"Touchstone has become required reading for thoughtful Christians who yearn to recover the unity of the Church, but who see clearly the dead end into which the nervous evasions and genteel apostasies of liberal ecumenism have led us.

With Chesterton and Lewis as its guiding spirits, Touchstone seeks to embody something genuinely new under the sun: a bracing 'orthodox ecumenism' that seeks to recapture the core of the Christian message and recover the incomparable riches of the Christian heritage, without entertaining the illusion that this can be accomplished by flattening all our differences out into platitudes of the lowest common denominator.

In seeking to be both genuinely orthodox and genuinely diverse, and in doing so with flair and acuity, Touchstone calls our era's bluff, and exposes its vaunted 'tolerance' and 'diversity' for the homogenizing crypto-orthodoxy that it is. More power to it."

—Wilfred M. McClay
Professor, University of Tennessee

"No one has ever accused Touchstone of being either politically correct or circumspect. It is hard to imagine an issue without something in its pages that wouldn't aggravate each and every reader. Yet Touchstone not only keeps its subscribers but their number grows steadily, testimony to the editors' determination to wrestle with topics that matter and to argue not only passionately but thoughtfully—and without ad hominem asides."

—Jim Forest
Secretary, The Orthodox Peace Fellowship

"There are far too many periodicals published nowadays, but Touchstone is not one of the superfluous ones. Every word in it seems worthwhile. I feel like flagging everyone down and obliging them to read it from cover to cover!"

—Thomas Howard
Author, On Being Catholic

"I admire Touchstone for two things: its devotion to what Cardinal Newman called 'the dogmatic principle' and its defiance of that foe which the same Cardinal spent his long life in resisting, namely, 'liberalism in religion.' May the devotion and the defiance alike be unwavering."

—John Saward
Author, The Way of the Lamb

"In a bent time, Touchstone speaks up courageously for sound doctrine. It does not evade the great questions at issue. Through its pages a conscience speaks to a conscience."

—†Russell Kirk
Author, The Conservative Mind

"Touchstone is courageous, unity-seeking, and profoundly committed to classic Christianity. It fills a unique lacuna in contemporary journalism. It informs Christians of many traditions of the ecumenical center of Mere Christianity. I commend it wholeheartedly to readers seeking to be accountable to the consensus fidelium."

—Thomas C. Oden
Professor of Theology, Drew University

"Touchstone is helping to rejuvenate the central core of Christian doctrine, bringing together Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox who want to focus on the most important truths."

—Phillip Johnson
Author, Darwin on Trial

"Truly an exciting publication. As Touchstone grows, it grows more intriguing, inspiring, and informative."

—Frederica Mathewes-Green
Author, At the Corner of East and Now

"What impresses me so much about Touchstone, alongside its commitment to pursuing the center of Christian orthodox theology and faith, is its information about the development of trends within Christianity. Others who are on the path to orthodox faith and who want to be informed about the Church need to read Touchstone."

—Mitchell Pacwa
Professor, University of Dallas

"Touchstone is the boldest and most exciting journal in the world of twenty-first-century Christian publications. It never fails to inform, challenge, and delight."

—Allan Carlson
President, The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society

"In a time when American Christianity often seems to be abandoning theology in favor of pop psychology and cultural accommodation, Touchstone keeps showing the depths of historic Christianity and applying its spiritual insights in a thoughtful, sophisticated, and engaging way."

—Gene Edward Veith
Cultural Editor, World Magazine

"Touchstone is an indispensable platform for the Christian Tradition which I continually use in my ministry in the public square. Well-reasoned and well-written, it is incisive yet hopeful in commenting on the vital issues the people of God face in living out our faith in America today; I cannot recommend it more highly."

—Timothy S. Mallard
U.S. Army Chaplain, Ph.D.

"Touchstone is the best defense of church and culture available. Touchstone is a not a political magazine, and yet its articles inform all our political, cultural, and religious concerns today. It has informed my thinking across the board."

Dan Proft, Radio Co-Host of AM 560 "The Answer"

"Touchstone not only stimulates my faith, but my intellect as well.  Its articles are well-reasoned, articulate, and pertinent, regardless of one's faith background. I wholeheartedly recommend Touchstone to anyone who seeks to deepen their understanding of the great issues we face with regard to our faith, as well as our Christian history and heritage, so it can be preserved for future generations."

—Alan Sears
President, CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom

"Touchstone never ceases to touch my heart, encourage me during these increasingly difficult years in Christendom's history, and also challenge me in various ways. . . . I deeply appreciate the breadth of contributors to Touchstone and yet the relative unity of them. As I see it, Touchstone stands as a witness to the truth of Scripture, as a guard against the "progressivism" that so seriously threatens the heart and soul of Christ's church, and serves as an uncompromising witness to a world increasingly in desperate need of the Gospel."

—Pastor Steven L. Seng
Torrington, WY

"Touchstone has had an incalculable impact on both my theological maturation
and Christian formation - all to the good. It's the finest, thoughtful periodical of historically orthodox Christian conviction in print. Touchstone is accessible without intellectual compromise, broad without loss of depth, and relevant without pandering toward insignificance. It is a feast of Christian wisdom in an age of folly."

—Justin D. Barnard, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Intellectual Discipleship;
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Union University

"We live in a time of much apostasy, but also of vibrant and faithful remnant life in almost every Christian tradition. It would be easy for a high-common denominator journal such as Touchstone to construe the world only as a battle, and its mission accordingly—for each and every article to be either an exhortation to the already faithful or a jeremiad of some sort. Touchstone is much better than that, offering wisely instructive insights, reflection and thoughtful criticism on a whole range of cultural issues and spheres to which the light of the Gospel bears witness. To read this journal regularly is to enter into a richly diverse conversation among serious believers who are thoughtfully participating in a self-correcting tradition, mutually edifying effort to 'build up the Body of Christ.'"

—David Lyle Jeffrey, PhD., FRSC
Baylor University

"Touchstone is a voice that greatly needs to be heard in today's Christian world. If this is what robust ecumenism means, we need more of it!"

—Kallistos Ware
Bishop of Diokleia

"Touchstone is eclectic but focused, ecumenical but not wishy-washy, conservative but not reactionary, intelligent but not highfaluting. It is, in short, a very fine magazine."

—Preston Jones
Author and Journalist

"I make it a point never to miss an issue of Touchstone. It keeps me informed of the best that is being thought and said by influential Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant writers. People who are concerned that the Christian intellectual tradition has grown moribund, or that Christian thinkers have lost their nerve in the face of secularism's cultural hegemony, haven't been reading Touchstone. Now is the time to start."

—Robert P. George
Professor, Princeton University

"Touchstone is a journal at the intersection of orthodoxy and authentic ecumenism, and its literary quality makes it an unfailing pleasure to read."

—Donna Steichen
Author, Ungodly Rage

"Evangelicals sensing they've been robbed of the wisdom of the ages, what Chesterton calls 'the democracy of the dead,' would do well to begin their pilgrimage back by subscribing to Touchstone."

—Timothy Bayly
Senior Pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd, Bloomington, IN

"Touchstone is responding to a great and difficult gift of God. Not merely by accident, but some of us also believe by Providence, the many broken pieces of Christendom are collected on the North American continent. God gives us the opportunity to reaffirm our common faith and unity in Christ. Touchstone gives us a forum in which to seize that opportunity."

—Vigen Guroian
Author, Tending the Heart of Virtue

"For my time and personal investment few magazines deliver the intellectual and spiritual encouragement, with such insightful critique of important spiritual and cultural concerns, as Touchstone. I recommend it to church leaders who want to think and be stretched beyond their comfortable categories of thought and practice."

—John H. Armstrong
President, Reformation & Revival Ministries

"I don't read magazines much, but I read this one. Not once but again and again. I have to think about it. A great magazine actually worth filing, which I also do."

—Elisabeth Elliot
Author, Through Gates of Splendor

"Touchstone combines a rare blend of interesting commentary and reporting with honest dialogue about common ground and differences within the Christian family. Central is the conviction that what unites us is far more important than that which divides us, and yet there is no surrender to sloppy thinking."

— Kent Hill
President, Eastern Nazarene College

"I am pleased to see a quality ecumenical journal that is truly orthodox in its theological stance. It does provide an important 'Touchstone' for evangelicals from a variety of church communions."

—James V. Heidinger II
Publisher, Good News

"Touchstone is making a really important contribution to the only form of ecumenical activity that has any meaning today—namely, cooperation among those who truly believe in Christ—however they differ on other issues."

—Paul C. Vitz
Author, Psychology as Religion

"I find Touchstone useful because it gives me a more objective and thoughtful picture of what is going on in the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church than any of the Anglican publications—all of which represent the view of a particular party—that I have seen."

—Peter van Inwagen
Professor, Syracuse University

"I am much impressed by the broad ecumenical vision that Touchstone seeks to maintain as it calls the churches to unity and renewal under the Word of God."

— †Donald Bloesch
Professor, Dubuque Theological Seminary

"Touchstone serves the most significant form of ecumenical endeavor today: the rallying and coalescing of those in all the churches who stand for doctrinal, moral, and devotional orthodoxy. The fact that Touchstone exists to serve this purpose gives it great importance."

—J. I. Packer
Author, Knowing God

"Edited by a bevy of mainly younger Protestants, Orthodox, and Roman Catholics, Touchstone advances an ecumenism of orthodoxy defined by the Great Tradition. The Touchstone people are bracingly conscientious and determined to follow where the Spirit leads."

—†Richard John Neuhaus
Editor-in-Chief, First Things

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