A Thousand Words

—Mary Elizabeth Podles

on works of Christian art

March/April 2018

The Votive Crown of King Recceswinth

January/February 2018

Leonardo's Madonna and Child with Saint Anne

Nov/Dec 2017

Titian's The Submersion of Pharaoh's Army in the Red Sea

Sept/Oct 2017

The Marriage of Tobias and Sarah by by Carlo Dolci

July/Aug 2017

Johannes Vermeer's A Woman Holding a Balance

May/June 2017

St. Luke the Evangelist

March/April 2017

The Transfiguration by Theophanes the Greek

Jan/Feb 2017

El Greco's St. Joseph and the Child Jesus

Nov/Dec 2016

Andrei Rublev's The Nativity

Sept/Oct 2016

The Adoration of the Lamb, The Ghent Altarpiece, Part III
by Hubert & Jan van Eyck

July/August 2016

The Ghent Altarpiece, Part II

May/June 2016

Hubert and Jan van Eyck's
The Ghent Altarpiece

March/April 2016

Ara Pacis Augustae

Jan/Feb 2016

Apse Mosaic Church of Sant'Apollinare in Classe

Nov/Dec 2015

The Portinari Altarpiece
by Hugo van der Goes

Sept/Oct 2015

Madonna di Ca' Pesaro by Titian

July/Aug 2015


May/June 2015

Portico de la Gloria by Master Mateo

March/April 2015

The Risen Christ

January/February 2015

Crucifix by José Aragón

Nov/Dec 2014

The School of Athens

Sept/Oct 2014

La Disputa, Raffaello Sanzio

July/August 2014

The Blessing Christ

May/June 2014

As the Old Sing, So Pipe the Young
by Jan Steen

March/April 2014

Ecce Homo by Tiziano Vecellio (Titian)

Jan/Feb 2014

The Feast in the House of Levi
by Paolo Caliari (Veronese)

Nov/Dec 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn's Self-Portrait as the Apostle Paul

Sept/Oct 2013

Raffaello Sanzio's The Sistine Madonna

July/August 2013

Jan van Eyck's The Madonna in a Church

May/June 2013

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

Mar/Apr 2013

Poussin's The Holy Family on the Steps

Jan/Feb 2013

Andrei Rublev's The Trinity

Nov/Dec 2012

Raphael's Alba Madonna

Sept/Oct 2012

Albrecht Dürer's Noli Me Tangere

July/August 2012

Albrecht Durer's Vision of the Seven Candlesticks

May/June 2012

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

March/April 2012

Barocci's Annunciation

Jan/Feb 2012

Rembrandt & the Speaking Image of Christ

As It Is Written . . .

—Patrick Henry Reardon

on the bible and theology

March/April 2018

Ashibag Unscripted

January/February 2018

The World of Paul's Mind

Nov/Dec 2017

Tempted from Above

Sept/Oct 2017

Book of the People

July/Aug 2017

Dark Passages of the Bible

May/June 2017

Who, Me?

March/April 2017

Pharaoh's Darkness

Jan/Feb 2017

Those Midwives

Nov/Dec 2016

Haman's Fall

Sept/Oct 2016

His Gift of Life

July/August 2016

The Christian Sh'ma

May/June 2016

The Light in the Darkness

March/April 2016

The Paschal Lamb of God

Jan/Feb 2016

David's Lament

Nov/Dec 2015

King David & the Amalekite

Sept/Oct 2015


July/Aug 2015

The Eternal Son

May/June 2015

Lord of Heaven & Earth

March/April 2015

Jesus Now Glorified

January/February 2015

Two Moral Worlds

Nov/Dec 2014

A Refused Glory

Sept/Oct 2014

Vineyard of the Son

July/August 2014

The Stars of Abraham

May/June 2014

The Essential Ascension

March/April 2014

The Paschal Comedy

Jan/Feb 2014

Esther & Joseph

Nov/Dec 2013

The Many Storied Prophets

Sept/Oct 2013

Peter, Apostle

July/August 2013

Amos into Scripture

May/June 2013

Paul's Apology

Mar/Apr 2013

The Gospel of Isaiah

Jan/Feb 2013

The Reader of Hearts

Nov/Dec 2012

The Lover of Mankind

Sept/Oct 2012

The New Healing

July/August 2012

Early Education

May/June 2012

The Victorious Procession of Christ

March/April 2012

Theology & the Mind of Christ

Jan/Feb 2012

God's Word & Me

Nov/Dec 2011

Sinners All

Sept/Oct 2011

Fullness of Faith

July/August 2011

The Man of Prayer

May/June 2011

From the Cross

March/April 2011

Balaam & Balak

January/February 2011

David's Reliance

November/December 2010

Trial by Desert

September/October 2010

Royal Enigma

July/August 2010

Conversational Revelation

May/June 2010

Samuel’s Place

March/April 2010

Framers of the Gospel

January/February 2010

Unfair Warfare

November/December 2009

Born One of Us

September/October 2009

Defense & Offense

July/August 2009

The Gospel Apocalypse

June 2009

The Temple & the World

May 2009

Abraham & God’s Power

April 2009

The Wife of Pilate

March 2009

Father Joseph

January/February 2009

The Prophet & the Sage

December 2008

The Daughter of Abraham

November 2008

The Gospels & History

October 2008

Haran Junction

September 2008

Merciful Propositions

July/August 2008

Peter & the Fall

June 2008

The Choirmaster

May 2008

Timothy Middleman

April 2008

The Truth Who Lives

March 2008

Isaiah’s Good Friday

January/February 2008

Highest Noon

December 2007

Matthew's Portrait

November 2007

A Royal Fool

October 2007

The Worldling

September 2007

Calvary Temple

July/August 2007

Gog Rising

May 2007

Two Ladies at Odds

April 2007

The Irreplaceables

March 2007

Home Bible School

January/February 2007

Temple Lights

December 2006

Signs of Love

November 2006

Handling the Holy

October 2006

Scroll Food

September 2006

Exodus in Genesis

July/August 2006

Like a Rock

June 2006

Cross Central

May 2006

The Sacred Name

April 2006

John & the Agony

March 2006

Water Rescue

January/February 2006

We & Us

December 2005

Creation & Christ

November 2005

War & Poetry

October 2005

Dogmatic Love

September 2005

Haman's End

July/August 2005

Tychicus of Asia

June 2005

Athaliah's Motives

May 2005

Anthropology & the Incarnation

April 2005

The Resurrection Accounts

March 2005

Thinking in Threes

January/February 2005

Abimelech in Love

December 2004

The Heart’s Guarantee

November 2004

Egypt & Israel

October 2004

Esther & the Hidden God

September 2004

The Newborn Moses

January/February 2001

Let Your Face Shine Upon Us

March 2001

Nathan’s Godly Narrative

April 2001

Peter at the Charcoal Fire

May 2001

Andrew, the First-Called

June 2001

Abner’s Tough Decision

July/August 2001

Enoch Walked with God

September 2001

Moses on the Mountain

October 2001

The Cities of Refuge

April 2002

The Silence of Zachary

May 2002

The Tragedy of Jephthah

July/August 2002

“The Man, Jesus Christ ,”

September 2002

The Sign of Jonah

October 2002

Judah & His Brothers

December 2002

Most Excellent Theophilus

November 2002

The Widow in the Temple

July/August 2004

Covenant & Remembrance

June 2004

Calculating Delilah

January/February 2003

The Prayers of Hannah

March 2003

Lenten Repentance

May 2003

The First Commandment

June 2003

The Paralytic from the Roof

May 2004

Salvation’s Threefold Cord

October 2003

Abraham’s Servant

November 2003

The Laughter of Isaac

December 2003

The Stoning of Stephen

April 2004

Hidden in Christ

March 2004

Gentle Jesus

September 2003

Nathan?s Messianic Prophecy

March 2002

Job & His Comforters

January/February 2004

The Fall & Rise of David

April 2003

Jonathan, Loyal & Brave

July/August 2003

The Parables & the Structure of the World

November 2001

The Wise Outwit the Shrewd

December 2001

The Journey of the Magi

June 2002

The Harsh Word of Ahijah

January/February 2002

Rahab & the Spies

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