First Books

—Kathie Johnson

on books for children

January/February 2018

American History III

Sept/Oct 2017

American History II

May/June 2017

American History in Pictures

Jan/Feb 2017

Four Final States

Nov/Dec 2016

Here's for Heroes

July/August 2016

First Myths

March/April 2016

Southern Settings

Nov/Dec 2015

More Treasured Illustrators

July/Aug 2015

Treasured Illustrators

March/April 2015

States to Imagine

Nov/Dec 2014

Christian Heroes for Children

July/August 2014

Saints for Children

March/April 2014

Too Much, Too Soon

Nov/Dec 2013

A Change of Place

July/August 2013

Cooney & Rylant

Jan/Feb 2013

Reliable Authors of Picture Books

Sept/Oct 2012

Sorted by Subject

May/June 2012

You Decide!

Jan/Feb 2012

Discovering Old Favorites

Sept/Oct 2011

Magic Moments

May/June 2011

Opening Day

January/February 2011

Primary Intelligence


—Anthony Esolen

on Christian hymns

March/April 2018

When Worship Goes Wrong

January/February 2018

The First Blood

Nov/Dec 2017

What Was Done Before

Sept/Oct 2017

How to Write a Hymn

July/Aug 2017

All the Colors of the World

May/June 2017

Let's Learn the Craft

March/April 2017

The Light of the Cross

Nov/Dec 2016

The Advent of the Everlasting Day

Sept/Oct 2016

Hymns of the Ages

July/August 2016

Worship for the Weary

May/June 2016

Loosened Tongues Employed

March/April 2016

Loving Sacrifice

Jan/Feb 2016

What Star Is This?

Nov/Dec 2015

O Great Humility

Sept/Oct 2015

To Hear the Bridegroom's Voice

July/Aug 2015

Our Dear Land

May/June 2015

Muddled Hymns

March/April 2015

A Fast for the Feast

January/February 2015

Schooled for Sacrifice

Nov/Dec 2014

Love Came Down

Sept/Oct 2014

What Did He Do?

July/August 2014

Bread & Ruminations

May/June 2014

A Circle of Grace

March/April 2014

An Easter Trinity

Jan/Feb 2014

And He Shall Purify

Nov/Dec 2013

Like a Thief in the Night

Sept/Oct 2013

The Lord of The Harvest

July/August 2013

Patriot Dust

May/June 2013

Our Quiet Lord

Mar/Apr 2013

At the Cross of Jesus

Jan/Feb 2013

A Musical Work of Mercy

Nov/Dec 2012

Creator of the Stars of Night

Sept/Oct 2012

Ascending & Descending Glory

July/August 2012

A Song for a Nation

May/June 2012

In the Key of Christ

March/April 2012

Fast & See That the Lord Is Good

Jan/Feb 2012

Songs of Thankfulness & Praise

Nov/Dec 2011

In the Bleak Midwinter

November 2008

The Beat Escape

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